help me choose a Gi

I'm now cross training in BJJ and I need a new Gi. I'm training in a Queensland climate.

Can anyone give me a recommendation? Do I want single, double, or gold?

Are there any brands that you recommend?

Are there any places you recommend I purchase them from?

Nb. I have heard bad things about the brazillian made Gameness Gi's so I'll stay clear of those.



I have a gold weave blue atama, had if for years dosent even look like it needs replacing it is excellent and tough

Thanks Cobras. Where did you buy it from?

"dosent even look like it needs replacing"
that's what you think - i thought it was a white gi :)

Atama gold weave is best i've heard.

Where you training bjj?

I have just ordered myself a Gold weave Atama Gi. The Gi was $79 US (apparently on sale) but the shipping was almost half of that! (I guess I should have asked around if anyone wanted anything but I'm an impatient person).


I'm training down at Currumbin with PUMA (Vince Perry). I also train at Gold Coast Ju Jitsu, and in one of the instructors garage.

I've only been to two classes of BJJ, can't go this week due to other committments but will be back into it next week.

I think the Brazillian JJ compliments the Japanese JJ really well.

The Gi grappling is pretty new to me. Most of my mat time has been without the Gi and at JJ I had been grappling as if the Gi was not there. That just doesn't seem to cut it when grappling someone who has trained to use the Gi so its like I have to learn a whole different game. Quite exciting really!


I have a Gameness and a Actionblackbelt Gi they are both good but the Gameness is more stiff and has a thicker collar and is rougher on your partners face,the Gamensess is also alot stiffer after you wash and takes abit of sweat to feel better, they also tend to shrink a little bit, the Actionblackbelt Gi feels awesome and wears well, you can get it locally, I will chat with you on Thursday at class at Vinces, cheers



Can't make it on Thursday but I'll be there on Tuesday.

I have just ordered the Atama, but I'd still be interested in checking out the Actionblackbelt as my first Gi is about dead and I'll probably need another one if I'm wearing the Gi three times a week.

My original Gi top is shredded, pants are ripping and I'm wearing some old unbleached Gi top (picked up at a St Vinnies) that is pretty tuff but doesn't fit well.



I have a black Krugan and it looks i have hardly ever worn it!!! Oh yer just remembered i have harly even worn it. ;)

"had if for years dosent even look like it needs replacing"

Cobras, if you actually take it out of the closet and train in it, it will eventually show signs of wear and tear" ;)

(Possibly the same closet that gremis is still hiding in?)

Seriously, the Atama is A1 quality and durability, mine is 3 years old and should be trashed but even the collars are still ok. I wash and tumble dry it every time I use it too.

Thinking about trying a Gameness soon.



Thanks all.

"Cobras, if you actually take it out of the closet and train in it, it will eventually show signs of wear and tear" ;)"



ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh FUCK YOU G ;)


good call


You ass theJJKid,...I rolled with you first clas and you never even asked me? Huhh! I'm offended ;P

My GAMENESS I got from MMAGEAR is awesome reguardless of the bullshit going on in relation to the ownership of GAMENESS right now. Looong story, see thread on Atama BJJ forum.

- Juggs

PS: My old Atama I bought second hand!!, held up for around 2 years!! I'm gonna patch her up and break her out again soon. Wise choice buddy.

Sorry Juggs, I guess it wasn't on my mind at that time.

See you on Tuesday.

Howard Combat Kimonos (HCK), check out the Extreme Jiu-Jitsu & Grappling website for the range of gi's.

I really like the Machado gi you can get from or at Dominance.