Help: MMA info please!

Hey guys, I need some help with some things please!

I'm looking for reports of purse amounts for the past 5-10 UFC and Pride events, and any other large events such as the WFA that I can get a hold of. I know after each UFC someone always posts the purse sizes on here so if anyone can direct me to where I can get that information that would be great!!

Also, I need to find out viewership numbers for all the MMA PPV events, UFC, Pride, WFA, Gracie promotion, etc. And I also need to find the numbers for the free tv shows such as TUF, Pride on Fox Sport, the IFL on Fox Sports etc.

Thank you everyone, I really appreciate any and all help!!

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Thanks again!!

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College term papers suck cock!

Yes they do but this is not a college term paper, but I still would appreciate the help!!

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please please someone help me! This is a very big deal to me!

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Go to NASC or CASC they list all the purse amounts. MMAweekly does a
good job reporting and archiving them too but just the big ones.

Thank you so much for that!!!

How about anywhere I can look up the amount of viewers each free tv show has gotten. I tried Nielson's website but I couldn't figure out how to get the shows I wanted to come up?


wikipedia has some of the numbers you are looking for.

yeah but wikipedia can't really be used as a reliable source

I recently asked Beth to help me with some UFC and Spike numbers.  She informed me that "they" didn't release the ppv numbers but that Spike could help.  I haven't gotten around to doing it yet.   later, ma

From Wrestling Observer(includes win bonuses): UFC 57  (I sometimes copy these down for Skip - everybody is always asking him at the gym after a big fight, looking for more)

Chuck Liddell: $250,000

Randy Couture: $225,000

Keith Jardine: $10,000

Mike Whitehead: $5,000

Allesio Sakara: $10,000

Elvis Sinosic: $6,000

Jeff Monson: $6,000

Brandon Lee Hinkle: $4,000

Paul Buentello: $22,000

Gilbert Aldana: $2,000

Joe Riggs: $20,000

Nick Diaz: $10,000

Renato Sobral: $32,000

Mike Van Arsdale: $15,000

Marcio Cruz: $8,000

Frank Mir: $26,000

Brandon Vera: $10,000

Justin Eilers: $5,000

Total: $666,000

Anyone have info on Pride Purses?

Thanks :-)