Help please for grappling schools

Dear all,

My apologies, I cannot read Spanish.

Could somebody please recommend a grappling academy in Marbella and Malaga for one of our Aussie students Adrian who is planning to move to either of those 2 cities?


Chris Shen
Extreme Jiu-Jitsu & Grappling

Well i dnt knw where Mabella is, but Malaga - Spain right?? sorry im not from Spain. The only advice that i can give you is to visit this site and e-mail someone there this is the site for a good gym in Spain they can probably help you out there.

In malaga:

Kioto (Fabricio Pereira BJJ Academy)
Instructor: Fabricio Pereira. Faixa Preta (Kraus Mansor)
Addres: Pasaje Cuartel de Caballeria, local 7B. (Zona El Ejido)
Phone: (34) 952 26 91 66
Web Site:

I think they got a group in marbella too

Thank you.