help please school owners

I'm trying to build up the bjj program where I train.
I do not own the school i just train there but the instructer dosn't have the time or desire to build the program because he makes his money on TMA'S. anything i do would be apperciated. I am not doing this for any other reason then to try and get more training partners. any suggestions would be helpful

If you trying to start a program, definitely try to affiliate yourself with an
association or a recognized teacher, bring somone in for a seminar. If you
just want training partners, maybe you can hang some sign-up sheets at
the school you train at now to see if anyone else wants to train BJJ. Hang
some flyers up around town if you can. Just make sure it is okay to do
with the school owner before you get started. If he is cool with it then by
all means go for it.

Are you planning on charging anything other than a mat or rental fee? If you just want partners throw up a website and make some flyers and hand them out at other schools asking if anyone wants to join you.

I have some friends who have had tons of great training partners over the years just by keeping an open mat and enviting all comers.

good suggestions so far keep them coming.

what rank are you in BJJ?

Make sure class times stay consistent and word of mouth is the secret formula. If someone you talk to is interested don't just say, show up some time, say "so I will see you Monday at 7 right?"

Flyers and referals.

Thanks guys pretty much what I was thinking but always helps to ask. Baroquen Record. I'm just a lowly white who's trying to help out cause the school owner and the blue who teaches most classes don't really have the time. What do you guys think of a newspaper ad? Is it worth the money.

Not at this point. Things like that are good only if you ahve the money and you can do it long term. Seriously, flyers are cheap and referals are free. Sometimes you can get free ads or super cheap listings in some of local papers( generally not the main one. More of the "Scene" type papers).


go to other schools in the area and tell them what you are doing  

Depending on your location, you might consider the Pedro Sauer Jiu-Jitsu Association. Check