Help: Rings KOK 99 and 00 32 man

Are they any good? Quick! Help!


Yes. I really enjoyed both of them.

2000 is pretty awesome, especially...and full of surprises.

I'm getting angry!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks hbkurtis.

Are the standups annoyingly fast? For someone who likes groundfighting that is.

Is there a lot of good groundfighting even with the limited striking?


"Are the standups annoyingly fast? For someone who like grounfighting that is."

Actually, a lot of times it makes the groundwork more exciting because the guys dont have time to stall on the ground. They must attack and be aggressive especially against strikers.


and they can't strike on the ground (to the head), so it makes for more sub action.

The 99 tourney is more competitive, as a matter of fact its one of my favorite tapes. The 00 tourney is not bad, matchup are just a little 1 sided tho. Couture-TK is a good fight tho.

That is what I was referring to when I said "limited striking" above. Hey, more sub grappling is 100 percent what I'm for. Most events these days lack it.

any place to buy them?

Both tournaments are unbelievable.

ZST uses rules similar to RINGS KOK rules, but they allow more striking on the ground, as well as heel hooks. KOK rules only allowed punching to the body on the ground, while ZST rules allow punches, kicks, knees, and elbows to the body on the ground. Appropriate pads must be worn to throw knee and elbow strikes.

These rules make for very exciting fights.

The one where Hendo wins it all is the best.

'99 was excellent. It had Renzo, Dan Henderson, Minotauro, Andrei Kopylov, and Marco Ruas' best heavyweight (can't think of his name . . . Chuck knocked him out not too long ago in the UFC and Marcello Garcia beat him in a submission match in Brazil not too long ago). Renzo beat Mo Smith and some Japanese fighter by submission pretty quickly and Kopylov finished a couple guys (one was a BJJ blackbelt) with leg locks. This was the tournament where Henderson got his win over Mino. It's definitely worth having.

Damn . . . somebody tell me the name of Ruas' fighter. It's gonna bug me for the rest of the day.


Renato Sobral

'99 tournament was great!

i've got them both and I liked them both, although Henderson didn't beat Mino

Greatest events ever... Rings rules are the future for MMA.

The Brazilian,

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