HELP!!Thoughts on my "MMA" Coach.

Ok Here is the deal.

We have finally got a decent group of guys together that train at a local Karate school.We have some local HS Wrestlers and a few guys with Boxing experience.About 4 or 5 of the guys have fought in amateur events before too.I train there but also train at a very reputable Jiu Jitsu/MMA school about 1 hour away.1 of the guys I train with also train's there too.
My problem is with our Boxing Coach at the local school.He came in about 4 months ago to teach some Boxing
He pretty much took over from there with the MMA class.

The guys seems to be very knowledgeable about Boxing but is somewhat ignorant of MMA.He also seems to pick out certain people to make examples of.I personally suck at standup and have sparred all but 3 times.Pretty much scared to get hit yadda yadda.But the 4 months he has been there all I have done is hit a heavy bag non stop or work a jab in the mirror.So he throws me in there with a guy with some Boxing experience.He pretty much beats the crap out of me.He then says to the kid "ok just work defense" Then walks behind me and motions the guy to hit me with a body shot.Now I know 0 defense I can throw a Jab a right and a left hook and thats it.The guy nails me and I'm like "wtf??!"
Pretty much all we are doing is standup sparring or hitting a bag..That is it.
I honestly fel like I have not learned Jack squat from the guy.
He also gives me and the other guy crap for training at the other reputable Jiu Jitsu school too saying "All those Submissions go out the window when you get hit."
The other day I am hitting the Heavy Bag and he saying "Submit that Bag!!" while my arms are getting tired.
Me and the other guy suggested that we need to work on Wrestling and ground a bit more considering the Boxers there suck at Wrestling and the Wrestlers suck at Submissions and he gets all pissed off and offended.
I would honestly say we do standup for about an hour and then about 15-30 minutes at the most of some type of Grappling from the knees.
No technique no nothing.None of the guys are learning anything on the ground at all.

It sucks cause I love training with all the guys there and it is local but this guy is just rubbing me the wrong way.

Any suggestions on what I should do?

The Boxing guy is NOT the owner of the place.The owner who does some Ground work is a really nice guy.

Slap a choke on the asshole and put him to sleep.

Talk with him? Remind him it's MMA you're working on, not just one facet.

If it's leadership by committee then figure out exactly who's teaching what and on what nights and then just skip the nights that this guy is teaching. If it's a whoever-gets-there-first, teaches class then just show up early and when he arrives keep working on jujutsu with everyone.

In a club type environment the only authority someone has over you is the authority that you give them.

I'm real sorry to hear you're in such a bad spot. Hope things work out for you.

howsyourhead-I'd like to believe me..LOL

honor or death-The bad thing about it is he is the one that really got more structure in the class.Problem is it is majority standup.And yes that made feel liek I cannot trust him as a Coach.But some of the other guys he is like a Father to.Seems like he picks his guys that are fighting that he likes and shuns the rest to an extent.

Sortilege-If was kind've of a group thing but now it has changed to he is teh one designing the workouts and figuring who needs to work on what.He also bad mouths the other place I train at and that particular Coach.Even though he does not know him and the guy is a reputable MMA guy with a buttload of fights.

It is time to get political my friend. You need to launch a smear campaign to the other members of this gym outlining the points you make in this thread as to why he is an asshole and impeding their progress. If you are persuasive or charismatic at all he will be on his way out. If opinions in the school are mixed suggest a boxing only class for the dick head to teach and a new less biased coach for MMA.

JuJutsuJedi-Some of the guys like him.He has helped out most of the Wrestlers with their Boxing and obvioulsy the guys that have Boxed like him.Some of them are a bit hypnotized by his BS.I would say it is 50/50 With the guys that have been there the longest and the guys that are wishy washy on fighting having a Problem.

Weird, I kinda had a similar thing happen at our club & it was a boxing coach too.

This guy joined our class who was training & teaching boxing at a health club & was getting ready to have his first ammy boxing match. After he got to know everyone, he made a couple of conditioning related suggestions for the beginning of our class. Since they were his thing, he was kinda put in charge to run those exercises at the beginning of class. Next thing you know, he's trying to dictate how the rest of the class should be run.

He was way more polite than this guy you're deaing with, but anyway, eventually I had to talk to him on the side to put the brakes on it.

sucks to live in Farmington

talk to the owner. or if that won't work and you don't feel like changing schools, then just take the opportunity to get better at boxing, i guess