Help Wisconsin BJJ!!!!!!

Ok so here is the deal. I have a cousin who lives in Kenosha, or Ke-nowhere as some of us form there might call it. He is 13 goin on 14 and having a lot of trouble in school with getting into fights when small kids are picked on. A little bit more about him, he was pretty badly abused as a little kid. I am not going to go into details but it was horrible for him and his family. Well to say that he is a problem for his mom, my aunt who also just happens to have had her leg amputated in a horrible motorcycle accident and also comes from this same abusive past. He doesn't listen to her at all and is pretty disrespectful at times to her. I am looking for some help!!!! My cousin is going to stay with Grandparents this summer to give my aunt a break for awhile. Here is what I need to know. Are there any schools near Monroe area for BJJ. I think that some good old humbleness, discipline, respect and honor form martial arts would help him a lot!!!!

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 there a thread around here you should post this on.

forgot what its called though.

Wisconsin BJJ growing strong 

thanhks Dave, I somehow forgot about the most awesome thread in UG history!!! Next to Fulton the Boxer of course lol

 also try  Mega site that has everything fighting in WI

Hey Shane:

Looks like that town is near Rockford, IL. This place has a kid's jiu jitsu program:

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