Help with Brazil vacation

I'm going to Lagao (Rio) in a few weeks for a two week stay. It's pretty close to everything and supposed to have good resturants and clubs. I'm going to Brazil for 1-2 months this summer depending on my job situation and I'm either going to go to Recife or Florianopolis, both have places to train and beautiful beaches. Anybody stayed in Lagao (BTT headquarters, Day of Zen)

"Is there places to train in Florianopolis ?"

Murillo Rupp (Brazilian Top Team) is in Florianoplis.

flowslo - I trained at BTT for a few weeks off Lagoa about 3 weeks ago. The training at BTT is AWESOME.

Murilo Rupp is a really cool guy, I've train with him last March when I was there. Also Tunico, Rickson BB is there, I alos train with him, I don't know where his school is, he had mats at home so I went there to train.


Rio is a lot more dangerous than Sao Paulo. no doubt