Help With Flinch Factor?

Hey, I just started boxing this week and i'm having trouble with blinking when being punched. Anything i can do aside from sparring to help with this? Thanks people.

The up against the wall drill should help. Just stand against a wall and have a partner throw light punches at you. Practice defending with both hands up, one hand up(rear)one hand down(lead)& both hands down. Don't get too crazy with this drill though. It's mostly just used for getting used to punches being thrown at you.

have your partner throw slow punches at you. it will be hard not to flinch or blink - it's basic human nature wired in for survival, but you can work up to faster punches and you will be accustomed to seeing punches come in.

thanks, so this is something everyone goes through? how long did it take you to stop flinching?


It took me a very long time and still to this day I sometimes blink/flinch. I think it depends on the person how long it takes to overcome. Another variation in the wall drill that helped me allot is just let them hit you. Of course they throw very light punches but by just stnading there you really get over the fear of being hit once you realize its not so bad after all. Can't handle standing there letting someone punch you? Then you won't be able to stand it when your sparring either.