Help with sponsor

So im fighting next weekend and just recieved this message in my inbox. No one I know has heard of this guy, and being a father of 3 and working a full time job while training, I could use any help i can get but this seems shady. Anyone heard or know anything about this? Thanks UG!

Mikey Johnson

UrFight is a marketing and branding company in Mixed Martial Arts. Our goal is to help fighters develop and expand their marketability and fan base.
We have 8 sponsorship available for the week of your fight, and would like to offer you a spot on Team UrFight. We will need to ASAP if you are interested - Please call us with any question.
We will treat you just as we would treat a business. We want to build your name as a brand so you can earn money outside the cage.
We are looking at building partnerships with our fighters - We must work together to make this a mutually beneficial relationship.
Here is our offer to you:
Custom Team UrFight Shirt Program
Please call Paul Kaldy (VP of Fighter Relations) at (423) 297-1223.
Please complete this link so we can get started on the design of your shirt:


Dont know.. found this if same guy

Did you call the number?


Way it will work I bet..

You design a shirt...

They post it for sale... you market it... then get a percentage on the backside of any that sell.

They are out no upfront cash, you promote their business and get paid for the business you generate.

Won't know without the call to at least get all the info! Give it a shot, some things seem too good to be true while others are truly good things.