Help with stress fractures

Hey all, been a while.

Long story short, I was recently medically separated (with option to re-enlist) from the Air Force due to a Grade IV stress fracture in my medial tibia plateau.

The doctor told me all that can really be done for it is to eat right, get enough calcium, and stay off of it as much as possible (I'm currently in cruches).

I was just wondering if there's anything else I can/should be doing or if anyone knows of any other possible treatments? Thanks in advance.

I've known lots of people who had them. I think the docs right. Ice is another thing they were told to use to help keep the inflammation down.

One of the guys who had it had had it before when he was in the Marines. He didn't go to the doctor and eventually developed very serious leg problems that took months to heal.

Thx man. Leg actually feels a lot better just with plain ol' rest the past week or so.