Hendo= Best P4P fighter

185- Chonan, Misaki, Bustamante x2, gono.

205- W.Silva, Belfort, nakamura, newton, goes, kondo.

HW- Yvel, Nogueira, Babalu (all in one night).


Hendo is a better P4P then Fedor, that's for sure.

I agree with this thread. Henderson is the best P4P in the world.

Lindland is up there too.

Bj should be on that list as well.

yes linland is

been sayn that for years


Didn't Henderson lose his last fight at 183 to Misaki, the same Misaki who just got dominated by Trigg, who wasn't even top 5 in the UFC at 170? Didn't Hendo also get armbarred by Lil Nog?

GSP and Fedor are still the best pound for pound, and Penn is there as long as his cardio holds up.

Henderson has KOd 3 MMA legends. Renzo Gracie, Bustamonte,Silva. Henderson has won may tournaments and tiles fighting quality guys much bigger than him.
An in top shape Henderson is the best lb for lb fighter ever.

At one time he got subbed by both Nog bros and lost to Arona but overall his record and performances against incredible BJJ fighters has been amazing.

Hendo is the #1 pound for pound fighter.

Hendo is too inconsistent to be best P4P yet. If he defends the 183 belt against Filho, and the 205 belt against Shogun, he will definitely be the top P4P though.

As far as his past tournaments wins and such, they are impressive, but have nothing to do with who is the best P4P right now. His last tournament, he bombed out of in (his) first round of it.

Top P4P would be Fedor & GSP. (Fedor over GSP right now, but give GSP some nice title defenses, and a case could be made.)