Hendo Fedor Weigh in video



 The TRT homos are typing again......

Fedor looks better than he has in most of his last fights. I have a feeling Hendo could be in some serious trouble.

I hear ya bro. I bet these dorks all have a sub 9 inch penis and make less then 400k a year to lol. 

 5'11 250?


Ah the old " Jokes on you I was only pretending to be retarded" 

Twenty47 -  I might not be a pro fighter but my physique trumps fedors x10. Jokes on you. 5'11 250 lbs and way leaner then fedor.... And I would fight 205 lol. Phone Post

 whatever world you live, must be nice... VTFD

he looks in great shape, WAR FEDOR

 207 for dan, wow. he is a small 205er

 Not a huge weight difference. Fedor could make 205 so easy.

Twenty47 - He's not lean that's for sure.. Phone Post

we all get it. you're the most shredded, ripped guy in the world. you weigh 250 but would cut 45 pounds to fight at 205.

we get it dude, you're awesome. now go away.

WTF! Only 1 camera in the joint? Zuffa is running this show?

You can fix "fat" but you can't fix "stupid".

ttt Phone Post

Fedor is looking good.

This should be a great fight.