Hendo headed for IFL????

graciemag(which is fast becoming the top mma news outlet we have) is reporting henderson has been added as coach for the upcoming year ---------- im betting it wont be long before hes fighting for them.

You never know these days

IFL is doin' awesome so far.

hendo as coach in 2008, loretta and the fight network scooped this.

Damn how many freakin teams do they have? I can't keep up. Are there that many good mma fighters out there?

the fight network story here. (scroll to bottom for hendo news)

im sure the ifl will have him participate in a superfight sometime this year.america just has too much to offer nowadays for top mma guys like hendo,nog and shogun to just waste away in pride

what ever happened to hendo defending the belt?

He is going to be fighting for a belt real soon.

I actually heard (from the same source that said Eddy Sanchez vs. Cro Cop) that it's Hendo vs. Wandy for the belt in Feb.

What source was that?

i'll believe it when the IFL makes a press release

IFL already made a press release that Dan will have a team.

He's ducking Paulo is all.

I am POSITIVE that his next opponent is considered to be Much tougher then Paulo.