Hendo: I have at least four more fights ahead

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                                Hendo: I have at least four more fights ahead

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                    <p>Dan Henderson had an exclusive interview with Tatame magazine, and said he had four fights left, at least</p>

Former Pride champion, Strikeforce champion, and current UFC light heavyweight contender Dan Henderson has fought 37 times, with 29 wins and eight losses.

Despite having said previously that advanced age has affect his performance in the cage, Hendo's fitness level is the envy far younger athletes. In November 2011 for example, he beat Mauricio "Shogun" Shogun in a brutal five round battle.

At UFC 157 in February he fights another Brazilian - Lyoto Machida - with the winner being next in line to challenge fpr the belt. Win or lose, he says he has four more fights before retiring.

"I have to fight a couple more years," said Henderson. "I have at least two more fights ahead of me next year, so I guess that would make at least two more fights after that."

Hendo always said that one purpose of his trip was to win the UFC belt, it would be one of the few remaining for your collection. Today, however, he says the goal at Ultimate changed a bit of focus and it will not get upset if you have to retire without the title.

"My goal is not the UFC belt, it is to keep winning," he said. "The belt is a motivation, it is something I want because I think I can win, but it isn't everything."

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war hendo

Would like to see a rematch with Silva

American GOAT. Would LOVE to see him in a UFC belt, will be tough for him to do though.

best american fighter to ever grace a ring or cage.

Great fighter I hope he gets a shot at the belt Phone Post


glover *


Hendo's last fight - Thiago Silva *

* - Slobberknockers

"maybe Wand vs Hendo 3"


What are you? Some kind of fucking sadist? Hendo would literally kill Silva at this point.

WAR HENDO! I'd love for him to add that UFC belt to his collection before he retires.

Rematch Bisping!

Hendo #1 Phone Post



AS @ 205


Now that's a sad thought. What's that, only 2 more years (barring injury) to watch one of the greatest fighters to ever enter the ring/cage? Phone Post