Hendo on the UFC 151 Cancellation


 “They did find an opponent, but I guess it was one he didn’t wanna fight. It’s a shame the whole card had to be scrapped because of that.

It’s an injury that I honestly thought I’d be able to work through and fight a little bit injured. I may not have been one hundred percent, but I thought I’d be close. After a couple of weeks of trying to push through it, it was apparent that I wouldn’t even be close to a hundred percent.

I’d like to shoot for that December 29th show, and I’m pretty sure I’d be ready to go by then. I can guarantee that I will retire…one day. I don’t know when.”

While a guest on InsideMMA UFC top light-heavyweight contender, Dan Henderson, discussed the UFC 151 cancellation and predicted a December return to action for himself.


^^what difference does that make?

The man has worked his way threw injuries his entire career. He fully 100 percent expected to fight if he did what he was told to do. He followed the medical instructions given to him, yet for the first time in his career he was unable to go.

Are you trying to imply that Hendo ducked the fight with Jones, or isnt as hurt as he says he is?

Warzone209 -  If his doctor comes out and says he had MCL tear stage 3.  He would have not been medically cleared or anywhere near taking a fight for 6 weeks which would have been longer than the upcoming fight.  Lets get some Cold hard data from the doctor who gavem the diagnosis or did he just rub his leg and go 2 weeks herp derp you dont need an MRI.

They told him he'd be fine in three weeks. What does that make it? Working on your MD now?