Hendo on Wrestlers in MMA

Freezing Winds - this is the guy who got took down at will and was mounted for about 18 mins of a fight


 LMAO @ Tenors gonna 10

MickColins - 
Nuetraman - 
stevarino - Dan's right



 I agree with Dan. There is a big difference between guys like Nik Lentz and Fitch, who simply just hold fighters down for three round, and guys like Henderson and Jon Jones, both guys with great wrestling pedigrees but actively look to finish the fights whether standing or on the ground. I'm all for exciting ground battles, but not when one guy is simply just lying on top of the other looking for points.

 There's nothing even slightly controversial in what he said. He's a wrestler, he started from a pure wrestling base and he worked on his striking to the point where he can KO fighters who are primarily strikers. He didn't call anyone boring he just answered a leading question with a straight answer. Anyone talking shit about Dan Henderson needs to slap themselves in the mouth.