Hendo tries to punch Kondo!!(pic)

Good luck Hendo!



crush him hendo!

I hope this will be a great fight, no quick KO's by either fighter.

I'm pulling for Kondo on this one, but I'm not sure if he can handle Hendo's aggression. Wandy was able to just steamroll through him, and it's possible than Dan will try and do that very same thing.

Henderson by DECAPITATION!


I just rewatched Hendo/Vandy and Hendo/Mino...
Hendo will win this.

Go Hendo!!!!!

henderson is a buzz saw

Yhis will NOT be an exciting fight.

Hendo will come out and toy with him.

Hendo will will finish him (with punches)

Fight over.

IMO, another "free ride" for Hendo.........

TTT for Hendo!!!

Hendo's the man

Hendo all the way!!!

Hendo is the man.

It wont be close.

Best of luck Dan. Kick his ass!

looking forward to this fight. I hope it is a competitive fight. Go Hendo.

Hendo RULES....

Henderson will win by KO.

Hendo by KO!!

Go Dan!!!