Hendo vs. Bisbing Thoughts

I am not a big Dan Henderson fan, in fact I was rooting for Bisbing, because he was in front of his home crowd. However, I think this was a clear win for Henderson. He had two massive knockdowns which nearly ended the fight. If either of those occurred in boxing, the other mandatory 10-8 sport, he would be home free. However, rather than seal the deal he tired and allowed Bisbing to pot shot him. Regardless, this fight was close, but should have no way have gone to Bisbing, it certainly should not have gone to him unanimously. For much of the fight Bisbing bounced up in down and threw jabs while eating monster right hands and almost going unconscious two times.

Multiple times in the fight Henderson was absolutely out on his feat due to exhastion, yet rather than finish, Bisbing bounced around like a rabbit and wasted energy jerking his hands up in down without striking. Despite this,  Henderson also had a couple solid take downs, so there should be no criteria in which Bisbing wins.

Luckily for Bisbing, Henderson did not object, he handled this situation with total class (please take note Diaz brothers). I was never a huge Henderson fan, but his post fight interview won me over. What a great guy.