Hendo vs Thiago Silva next PLEASE!

I want to see this fight before Hendo retires.

Signed Phone Post

Yes Phone Post 3.0

signed, this would be violent.

I have the undeniable urge to quote Diego Sanchez right now.

Yes Phone Post

yes, i like it better than Wand vs Hendo III

Damn, yes Phone Post 3.0


I think hendo would get tkoed Phone Post

jmont - 

I think hendo would get tkoed Phone Post

I'm not so sure. Thiago has looked chinny in the past and always comes forward. And he's not faster than Hendo like Rashad. But one thing is undeniable; this fight would be violent! But I would guess Hendo by TKO. Would love to see it though.

Fuck yeah Phone Post 3.0

Hendo vs Shogun 2 should be top of the list IMO but I'd like to see him fight Wand again. Phone Post 3.0



stupid fight




Hell yes!! Phone Post

Would love to watch that fight Phone Post 3.0