Hendricks vs GSP 2 prediction

By Camel Hound: I've worked out the various scenarios for a rematch between UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre (25-2) and #1 contender Johny "Bigg Rigg" Hendricks (15-2) and I keep coming up with GSP scoring a brutal knockout over Hendricks in front of a shocked north American crowd.

I've been trying to weigh the different variables in this fight to see where Hendricks can possibly go 5 rounds in a rematch with GSP and possibly win, but I just can't see that happening because when you take a rematch with GSP, history shows that you're going to suffer an embarrassing and brutal stoppage loss to the motivated champion.

In their fight at the MGM grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, Hendricks had everything going for him. GSP wasn't concentrated on the fight, he was thinking about retirement, and he still manages to paint a 5 round masterpiece on Hendricks' face with his educated jab.

Hendricks best career move would have been to knockout some of the fringe contenders and live off the GSP fight controversy until GSP retires sometime in 2015. I really don't think Hendricks knows what he has gotten himself in to, and to be perfectly honest, I don't think he would like to know the truth of the matter because if he did he wouldn't be sleeping well at night.

By the time Hendricks realizes the horrible situation that he got himself in to, it will be too late. He will be on his back eating savage elbows for 4 and a half rounds until GSP decides that the fans have had their money's worth and that its time to finish him. GSP will knock him out cold in the 5th with a gorgeous right hand and the referee will swiftly step in and be praised for his timing by Joe Rogan while Hendricks is being fitted to a stretcher.

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There's a storm coming, good luck my fren. Phone Post 3.0

Hi George, you got beat dude, badly beat, get over it. It's ok, we still like you. Phone Post 3.0

I disagree hendricks wont be controlled like that Phone Post 3.0

I know this is a troll thread, but, I do see lots of people talk about GSP and this "oh he'll do better in the rematch" thing.

GSP was improving back when those rematches happens. GSP does not have some "always does better in rematches" powers. There were clear reasons why he did better in those rematches, he improved while his opponents stayed the same (Penn, Serra) or just got older (Hughes).

He's in decline now, his body is falling apart. GSP had two major factors going for him above all else - 1) Fight IQ and 2) Insane athleticism. 1 is still there, but 2 is going away fast.

Hendricks will do better in the rematch IMO. I'm pretty confident of that.

GSP can't maintain his excellence, too much mileage. His mobility and defense aren't what they used to be. His takedowns aren't as explosive either. As soon as I saw Nick Diaz stuff almost half of GSP's takedowns, I knew that GSP wasn't the same after the ACL tear.

The beating Hendricks put on him is just going to add more milage. GSP is young still - but he's got a ton of miles on him (ala Shogun). OTOH Hendricks is still improving noticably each fight.

R1WARRIOR - Hi George, you got beat dude, badly beat, get over it. It's ok, we still like you. Phone Post 3.0

Hendricks fans are so immature

depends on whether it's 70% hendricks, 90% hendricks, thick hand wrapped hendricks or regular hand wrapped hendricks...  and then you also have to consider if it's the right circumstances according to Ronda Rousey.

Stephen Holder - lol@ this being the only place where some deranged lunatic could publicly announce such a retarded prediction and not get deservedly verbally dismantled. Jesus this place is gonna implode when Hendricks sends GSP on his permenant Vay cay.

Hold ya head.

Must suck to be a Hendricks fan

Hendricks by brutal KO. Fuck OP Phone Post 3.0

Frankie Emelianenko - Hendricks by brutal KO. Fuck OP Phone Post 3.0

Hendricks doesn't have the power to KO GSP

GSP by decision, Hendricks basically won the fight because of one shot followed by a flurry and a trip. Easy money on GSP.

Leck Brosnar - GSP by decision, Hendricks basically won the fight because of one shot followed by a flurry and a trip. Easy money on GSP.

I completely agree, buick lasmur

lol We can only wish

Since you've already worked it out I don't even care to see the rematch anymore. Phone Post 3.0