Henry Briones vs. Douglas Silva de Andrade

Up next.... I got Andrade

Definitely a KO coming, these guys are throwing hard. 

Close first round... but we're in Mexico

Damn! He ate those shots like they were delicious!  

This is crazy! Briones doesn't give a fuck! He just keeps moving forward, and getting up!

Could be 2-0 Andrade

Wow...what a fight.

Nobody would get up from that, that was vicious, although Briones is 3/4 Zombie. 


A little quick on the stoppage, but he was eating huge shots. 

Spinning back fist.

That fight delivered!!! Phone Post 3.0


Vitor Hughes -

Doesn't pass the sniff test. Going to get popped. 

He weighed 133 lbs. Not THAT hard to be ripped when you weigh 140lbs. Phone Post 3.0

was it a spinning back fist to the shoulder? Phone Post 3.0