Henry Hank - Bob & Weave Defense Highlights........him vs canelo or bivol?

great fighter who fought the best and at his best was something to see

would be fun to see against canelo
his classic american style against mexican
also against bivol again a great clash of styles

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Mike Tyson has a new peekaboo instructional at bjjfanatics, it’s a bit steep but worth it

i saw some clips of it

but henry hank was not really a peek a boo style guy

Some nice bobbing and weaving!

Yes, my comment was completely unrelated, except it regards boxing

oh ok makes sense

Hank was a terrific middleweight during one of the golden ages of the division. The perennial contender from Detroit had a spotty record with 30 losses among his 90 some odd fights but he fought the very best at 160 & 175 lbs. He was a murderous banger but could box as well & he was as durable as hell having been stopped only once & that was when he was well past his best against a fearsome young Bob Foster. And even then he wasn’t KO’d but retired in his corner after being battered in the 9th round. However, in a rematch, he took Foster the full 12 rounds.
Hank beat the likes of Joey Giardello, Jimmy Ellis, Holly Mims, George Benton & a who’s who of other top fighters in two weight classes. He was perhaps at his best when he belted out another dangerous banger in Rory Calhoun in 2 short rounds. Unfortunately for him, he never got a shot at a world title.

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yeah it is sad he never got a title shot…he clearly should have
and his record is misleading but a lot of the greats then had records like this because they fought everyone good

i heard one issue with him is that he would play too much defense sometimes and it would cost him decisions

his technique is great