Herb D- Arlovski and Pe De Pano...

Just watched the fight over again, heres my 2 cents...

First, herb dean sucks he obviously does not know the rules of the sport.

Arlovski stikes de pano with his heal while on the ground in a deliberate kick that herb dean stopped him and warned him about.

Herb then told both fighters to stand back up.

then after some talk, pe de pano was able to change herb dean's mind about standing the fighters back up, this could be because of pe de pano's comfort in a leg lock situation. Also randy couture suggesting to
"let them go".

Either way, this proves that herb is brain dead on unable/unsure of what call he should make. As a professional reff in this sport there should be no hesitation or grey area on how to call the rules.

so what are the rules??

if a fighter kicks illeaglly while on the ground...are the fighters stopped...warned...then started standing? or resume in the postion they last left off?

obviously he doesnt know.

Somone also mentioned the fact that arlovski was holding the fence while finishing pe de pano...and that the fence gave him the neccessarily leverage to win the fight.

i agree 1/2 on this.

I think that herb dean should have knocked his hand away from the fence and warned him..if he simply didnt see it...that just contributes the the fact that hes a shitty reff.

i dont however think that the holding of the fence had much to do with the leverage on the punches being delievered to pe de pano, i think he would have connected with those just as well without grasping the fence.

As far as the punches to the back of the head,

arlovski several times put effort into aiming for the side or the front of pe de pano, before and after herd dean warned him. He didnt have much of a target cuz pe de pano was tucking his chin.

i think arlovski did the right thing, and the smart thing.

i dont think herb should have stopped him from punching, and that simply warning him was good enough, especially because he stopped the fight shortly after.


Im surprised there is more shit on Herb then when Mario missed the Trigg nutshot on Hughes then looked like he was gonna stop it when Hughes looked at him but then let it go on.

Herb is also the one that noticed Sylvia's arm busted vs. Mir.

He made a mistake.

"I totally agree that Herb Dean did a terrible job. He took the fight out of Pe de pano's hands."

Didnt he actually favour PDP by letting them stay on the ground?

"I believe if AA didn't punch PDP at the restart, PDP would have had the leg."

AA punched PDP well after the restart occured.

"I don't want to see him reffing anymore."

That's funny.  How long you been watching MMA? 

well on the other hand, if herb would have stood them up right after the kick, and AA landed that same right hand, one could argue that the illegal kick took him out of heal-hook danger and put him where he wanted the fight.

at least PDP got to keep the fight where he wanted it after the foul, he just forgot that it was mma and not submission wrestling.

I think the fact that you made this statement

"Just watched the fight over again"

Im sure if Herb watched the fight over again he would agree with you. It is easy to sit back and break down the fight after it is done. This was a bad reffing job for one fight. Herb is a good ref.

In UG world, it only takes a few days to go from the most popular ref in the world to being unfit to ref. Making a mistake of any sort means you suck butt crack and need to lose your job.

"AA punched PDP well after the restart occured."

Correct. I'm sick of people saying that he punched him immediately after the restart. That's bullshit!!!

herb always stops fights to soon...thats bad too.

hes indecisive about things...

when im placing bets, i factor in the fact that herb is reffing the fight....itll swing my opinion drasticly ..

I'm sure Herb cares how you bet! What fights does he stop too early? Shamrock getting his head smashed in? He probbaly saved Sylvias UFC career (ok your right he should be fired)

Herb does a good job, he has just been caught in some hairy situations (Tito/Shamrock, Mir/Sylvia and now AA/PDP).

It was obvious after the heel kick from the bottom that if Herb would have stood them up, this is no way would have hindered Andrei's game. By standing them up, it would have only been helping Arlovski for the infraction instead of penalizing him. Damned if you do and damned if you don't situation.

With that said, I'm in total agreement with the original poster's comments of he needs to be knowledgable about the rules and just stick to them...black and white, that way he doesn't seem wishy-washy or unsure of his own judgements.

The fence grabbing didn't really bother me, he just didn't catch it and that happens all the time. However, when Pedepano talked Herb into staying on the ground that really confused me. Refs always make mistakes, these just made a difference in the fight.

Why would they rule it a no contest.
Because of the fence hold?
The ref missed it. That's the way it goes.
The fight is over.

Herb Dean = best in the business. Cecil Peoples = bad for the sport.