Here are my UFC 105 picks, what are yours?

sparkuri -  I've got Kang via being better at every facet of the game. Expect him to bully early, wear out Bisping and pick him apart. Tough fight though, Bisping is a slightly risky opponent. Good stepping stone back up the MW ranks though.


I don't expect ALL my picks to come true, but take note of this: Last time I picked a full card was for UFC 99, and I got 11 out of 12. Just saying...

lol @ Hardy over Swick and Vera over Couture. If I had read those picks first, I would have skipped the rest.

 Explodingboy, i agree with all your picks except i see Randy win on a UD and Taylor win by TKO.

 Oh and that is a godawful poster by the UFC.

The Mammoth -  Explodingboy, i agree with all your picks except i see Randy win on a UD and Taylor win by TKO.

I can deal with that, I very much respect your opinion. Good stuff, I wish everyone was as decently mannered as you.

Brandon Vera
Denis Kang
Dan Hardy
Matt Brown
Aaron Riley
Nick Osipczak
Dennis Siver
Jared Hamann

Odds of this being accurate? 370/1. I'm going to become so rich, yay.


Andre Winner v Roli Delgado
- Winner impressed me more on the show and since this is in his hometown and stylistically I he is opposite of Delgado so I'll go with Winner.

Alexander Gustaffsson v Jared Hammann
- Not really familiar with either, both seem to be great strikers and Hammann has faced better opponents. Gustaffsson is 6'5 which should help but I'll go with Hammann

Paul Kelly v Dennis Siver
- I'll go with an underdog and say Siver, maybe more well rounded but just a guess after looking at them on sherdog I'm not too familiar with either

Matt Riddle v Nick Osipczak
- Riddle should be too physical and too good wrestling/conditioning, Riddle by decision

Paul Taylor v John Hathaway
- Hathaway takes this

Terry Etim v Shannon Gugerty
- Gugerty submission

Ross Pearson v Aaron Riley
- Pearson seemed like a tough up and comer in the show to me, Riley is a stud and he's been around but I think Pearson finds can find a way to win this

James Wilks v Matt Brown
- Matt Brown is a killer and all he needed was experience. He's gotten more experienced and looked completely different in his last couple outings. Brown by KO

Michael Bisping v Denis Kang
- I will go with the underdog and take Kang. Bisping got KTFO pretty bad in his last outing and won't want to take many shots in this, Kang is well rounded also.

Mike Swick v Dan Hardy
- Swick by Swickateen

Randy Couture v Brandon Vera
- Couture by dirty boxing + GnP 2nd round stoppage

same as my pics apart from im thinkin Brown may win, the pics look horribly nationalistic on paper but I happen to agree :)


Vera by Split Dec
Swick via early TKO
Kang by violent TKO whenever he wants
Wilks via UD
Pearson by UD
Etim by UD
Osipszak by UD