Here is my reply to all HATERS!

1.I wrote LONG TIME AGO that I am done with the original thread.

When I write that I am done with a thread I am done with a thread. PERIOD.

Why can't some people get it? Are some people really that illiterate?

So I am done with the original thread. I not reading it and and I am not posting on it.

2.Seems like dome people have absolutely no clue about what happened PLUS some people are their best at trying to twist the facts.


2.1Joe Moreira crew comes to the UG and starts a rumour that Mike Tyson is training BJJ under Joe Moreira

-that rumour never gets confirmed
-it was propably just BS marketing and hype by the Gorilla crew

2.2As I know that the Gorilla crew has a history of spreading this kind of BS. Stories to hype up Joe Moreira I decide to call their BS.

-I ask them why Mike Tyson would choose Joe Moreira over people and teams like Carlson Gracie, BTT, ATT, RAW etc.
-Gorilla crew gets all upset with my question and claims that Joe Moreira is the best vale tudo coach there is and the best BJJ man and coach there is

-I write that Joe is a very good BJJ man and good instructor but calling him the best is not right because a lot of people have produced far more top fighters that compete at the highest level with success (Pride, UFC, mundials off BJJ, Abu Dhabi)

-Gorilla crew gets even more worked up and they start calling me names and using similar 3rd grade debating tactics.

-I say that most propaply the thing about Tyson is not even true because Joe has lied in the past too and can not be trusted. I presented video footage of a BJJ match that Joe Moreira publicly claimed never happened.

-Then Gorilla crew came with the usual BS. About supposed Joe vs. Rickson match etc.

-I was able to prove all those stories to be BS. I called Joe a liar and proved it.

2.3Joe Moreira crew started attacking my person with various insults etc. and generally acting like thugs

2.4I wrote that they are full of BS. and if they really think they are the best and so tough then why don't they go to next mundials and show us all what kind of grapplers Joe Moreira producesp

2.5Gorilla Crew board comes online and counter challenges me to a Vale Tudo match against Richardo Texieira

2.6There is lot of stupid behavior by both sides

2.7I get banned from UG

2.8Gorilla crew and Judo trolls invade that threads and have a field day while I am banned.

3.Here is what is possible and what is not

I will never ever fight you Mr. Texieira in a Vale Tudo match. Why?

-I do not train Vale Tudo, I mainly train SBJJ and SW.
-I do not want to fight Vale Tudo, It just does not interest me
-The original challenge was not about Vale Tudo, It was about a BJJ grappling match.
-You are a professional experienced Vale Tudo fighter and you would most propably beat me in a Vale Tudo match without any problems.

Now we can do the original challenge and do a grappling match using BJJ rules in Rio during next mundials. You are a Gorilla black belt and I am a purple belt so you have the edge. Maybe you choke me out or maybe I tap you. Does it really even matter? NO! No one cares, but I am still willing to do it. I STAND BEHIND MY WORDS. Words are cheap so after this and one post more I am done with this thread too. We both have about 7 months time to train and prepare so lets talk about this when the time comes. There is no hurry – be patient.

AND lol:

Lot of people want to know where I live. I already told that. Please people do not be so naive that you trust IP- tracking. Only newbies do not use multible pry servers.

I ALLWAYS CHAIN multiple proxy servers.

According to this IP I live in Brazil...


Ok people! You now need to use your imagination! Power of imagination is a great thing. Everybody let's imaginate the BEAT and the RHYME.

Here goes nothing! My little rap I wrote for all haters out there and specially for Mr. Texieira. Take this Gorilla crew:

(Beat and the rhyme starts pumping..)

(With the beat: ) Nan, nan, nan, nan, nan, nan, nan naaanan naaanan. Nan, nan, nan, nan, nan, nan, naaanan. Just take it! Just accept it! Just give it! You just need it! Just take it! Just accept it! Just give it! (With corus: ) Open yourself NOW! :

Hey, I am not Stan the man, your biggest fan – like an adult you just need to – OH get over it man. I know you'r real tough and all... but honestly it ain't cool like that at all. This just makes you look like a second class fool. Anger – management I mean - that is just what you need. Try to get it, please just don't be like Mr. Bean.

Reality – a concept, you need to get grasp at. I know you can see and propaply hear too. What's the problem? Why you wanna hate me? Beat me, kill me and even rape me? I spoke the truth and everybody knows it too. Just don't be like a fool, drowning in a pool too. Please open your eyes and take look at the evidence. The truth – thing you need to accept.

(With corus and to the rhyme: ) You just need to, open your eyes, take of the scales. Don't be like a fool – drowning in a pool. Please open you eyes, take of the scales - see the truth, correct your ways and stop - living in denial!

Listen – I know you can hear too. Seeing - is like believing. Hey, don't look at me –it was not me – take a look at your man, your crew and all. It's not me – you need to be in anger with. I did not lie. Somebody else needs to get it .. . Look I think you just need to relax man. Why all this anger? It's not use anyway. You got a girl and her name is – whatever, you just need to - treat her like little better. Respect – is earned. Integrity is not. You have non – Oh I mean Joe M – Moreira that is. I know, when you do your thang and when you do your thang it all over, but what is the rush man? I got time and so you do. Maybe you should sit down and thing about that too. You know you not center – of my life anyway. I know I am your so please try to let it go. Don't be like Stan the fan because I am not you man. Dude- Liar got caught (Joe M.) and now you'r all wrong.

(With corus and to the rhyme: Liar got caught (Joe M.) and now you'r all wrong. Way of the base, try to get some sense. Liar got caught (Joe M.) and now you'r all wrong. Way of the base, try to get some sense.

Money talks and BS walks. It's always been like that so there is nothing new about dat. Enough is just enough and I just called it like that. Truth can not take - the daylight. These things, one is not supposed to – just talk like that. People get surprised and can not deal with facts. $$$ is the name of the game. Joe M. just now get just a little less. But hey! Who is to blaim? I think – you need to take a look at the mirror. Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the one to blaim for this all? It's the BS stories – spread by you (Joe M.) so don't you look at me. You know it is not money that just walks and it's the other thing, that just caught – you I mean. I am a big boy and did my thang, now I just need to accept my ban. But before I go lets, talk about the other guys.

What about the other guys? – Oh what other guys? The ones that hate me, one that stalk me – you know the thing, called HATE LT! It's a real bandwagon – like with Sakuraba. Well I guess I am the man, flavor of the month – man who beat the man – Hickson himself – in numbers of haters, I mean. Reality - check – that is what you need. There are thousands like me – real people – living on the street, so what's the big deal? You know nothing – nothing about me, nothing about them, your just guessing, like a blind bat living in a cave. There is name for people like you – troll I believe. Virtual- reality, the thing this is called. Hey man it's not real you know – I guess not, so you got problems – deal with those, OH maybe you just need to adjust your dose. Owned by you - I dont't think so – I am my own master. You trust a man who calls himself Rasputin – famous Russian gigolo and pervert. Well I guess you want to be like him or are you already in?

Be like your man Justing Timberlake . I know he is your idol, so cry me a river. Like I really care – NOT! 15- minutes of fame is pretty cool but you are giving it to wrong dude you fool. I got my priorities straightened – why can't you do that too? Look I am just average man doing my thang, and I do need to do my thang and when I do my thang I will be done with my thang.

Everybody to the RHYME: I am gonna go on, with my own life. Let's see if you can do the same. I am just gonna go on with my own life. Do my thang and be done with you man.

(FINAL WORDS: ) Stan the fan – you are ignored man. You need to get on, with you life if you can...


- Liquid_ Technique

Damn hatters!

You might want to put everyone on ignore from now on as you are all alone in this. I'm no hater but you brought this on yourself.

You can say whatever you want about him now, he's done with this thread.

lol @ Uncle Justice

" I will never ever fight you Mr. Texieira in a Vale Tudo match. Why?

- I do not train Vale Tudo, I mainly train SBJJ and SW. - I do not want to fight Vale Tudo, It just does not interest me." In a nutshell=I am afraid you would kick my ass.

lol @ a swedish fag raping...

Sure took you a long time to formulate a reply...oh, but I see that's because you were "banned". Wait, how are you posting now?

Hi! Stan the Fan

I am done with this thread

Who are you again? And why should we care?




"Seems like dome people have absolutely no clue"...

I hate DOME people! ;)

flesh2stone is correct.

Rasputin has come here given us the actual names of all the purple belts in Scandinavia. He also states that there is NO SUCH THING as "national bjj competition" in Sweden.

You are a damned liar, now we want to hear you make up some more booooowllllsheeeeeeeeett up these FACTS.

go suicide yourself please.

LT: How about you address the numerous lies you've spouted about who you train with, what team(s) you train with, and your rank in BJJ?

You're back ? NOW LEAVE !!!!!! FOR GOOD !!!!!


Sure you are not reading it, thats why you have so many comments about what you "didnt read" huh? LOL..

LT=New Forum Joke

I bet even atkins could lay a beatdown on him..