Here it is, the best Maldonado Fight in Brazil.

I'm a huge Maldonado fan. Back in 2007, I saw this one live and it became an instant classic in the brazilian MMA scene. I knew the name before but this is the one that made me a Maldonado supporter FOR LIFE. His name became a reference in great fights and I knew a guy like this could only end in the UFC and the masses would be entertained.

Everybody is disrespecting him against Miocic but I don't care. He fought at HW many times before in Brazil and will hold his own.

This is a fight against Renato Matos the Mad Dog in Predador FC 8: (blue please)
- part 1

- part 2

Maldonado starts unusually aggressive and I knew this was going to be a brawl. They clinch a little and trade and Matos is showing the better footwork and starts throwing wicked leg kicks that slow Maldonado right away.

Suddenly, the fight is stopped. I had no idea what was going on, until it was revealed the BRUTAL gash on Matos' forehead that almost ended the fight.

It's when it re-starts that the magic happens tho. He comes back after the doc clears him like a possessed motherfucker, the true definition of reckless abandon. Maldonado is game, and it becomes crazy. By now, everybody is screaming at the top of their lungs, worshipping the Just Bleed God that lives on.

Somehow a Matos leg kick lands so fucking hard that Maldo's leg starts bleeding, to this day I don't know if it was a toenail or just blunt force, but it happened. They keep on fightins like possessed maniacs, and then, BOOM bitches, the fight is over.

Everybody is entertained. "This guy will make splashes in the UFC" we all agree.


If he beats Miocic, I'll not only buy a blue name for me for as long as I post here, but I'll also buy one (shortest duration tho) for whoever proves to have a history of supporting and hyping up the Iron Hillbilly. Also I'll write a letter with at least 300 words to his camp thanking him for everything his done for the MMA world, which I'll post here. That is all.

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// part 1

// part 2

I just read the OP entirely in Brazilian accent, awesome!

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Nice thread OP :) Phone Post 3.0

It's short and sweet and everything is great, but the ending is so cool...

Cachorro Louco's berserker flurry fails to shake Maldonado and it's just beautiful: Maldo counters his shit and throws his hands up in absolute 209 style. I'm sure Nick was hitting a bong somewhere in Stockton as this happened. You can actually see the spirit of Matos quickly fading to another dimension, and his face becomes that of someone who knows he's about to get the living shit kicked out of him.

Awesome. Still TOP 10 best fights I've ever seen and it was particulary emotional seeing it live, my whole crew went apeshit.

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