Hergoz and crew leave for Iraq tommorow

Im gonna try to keep up the base camp going for the first ever mma event in Iraq for our armed forces, Gods speed crew and I will try to get daily reports going based on our limited communication

Bobby Razak



 thanks for the support.   we are in hotlanta for the night meeting up with everyone else here and headed out in the morning.

we will try to leave some updates when possible. 


First Ever Sanctioned Mixed Martial Arts Event in Iraq

Posted by Dino Kostakio | MMA News | Tuesday 1 September 2009 


The first ever sanctioned Mixed Martial Arts event held in Iraq will be taking place. Exactly where or when it’s taking place has not been disclosed as of yet. For security purposes, the Armed Forces requested that the exact date and location of A Fight Night for Heroes be withheld until after it is over.

The event will be documented and released to the public at a later date. Confirmed media covering the eight-day trip includes Fox Sports, Fox News reporter Matt Sanchez,  FIGHT Magazine’s Donovan Craig and Paul Thatcher and possibly Time Magazine. Also, sources have revealed that “special guests” will be in attendance.

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Armed Forces MMA gym owner, Monica Sanford, is organizing this historic event. She comes from a long line of servicemen in her family and has always made it her job to be there for the troops.  “Supporting troops is a passion, not just a gimmick,” she says. For Sanford, getting this show off the ground (yes, pun intended) took approval from base command in Iraq, the office of Armed Forces Entertainment at the Pentagon, and sanctioning from the International Sports Combat Federation. The entire process took ten months!

The show, which will take place somewhere on some date during the month of September (sorry, that’s all I can say!), will feature XFC heavyweight title holder Patrick Miller, Bellator FC’s Jason Norwood, Army Combatives expert Andrew Jones, WEC veteran Scott Harper and Navy man Mike Brown… among others. Xtreme Couture’s G.I. Foundation and Tapout are among the organizations sponsoring the event. The event is free to servicemen in Iraq.

Source: news.fightmagazine.com