Hermes Franca ATT or BTT?

I know he was with ATT then became a part of BTT. But I just realized that He gave Batman who is on ATT a BB in BJJ? So is Franca back with ATT?


ATT is now Cingular.

he left ATT to go back to BTT a year or so ago.

I believe when he came back to Florida, he rejoined ATT, not BTT.

true, but then the left again and went to Chile and is now apart of the CTT. Rumor is he's going to keep going all the way to ZTT.

"they are affiliated with eachother, so what does it matter"? Thats the first I herd of them being affiliated.

excellent product placement


I smell trademark infringement...

lol nah man I doubt it. That shirt is awesome btw

Thanks Jockstrap. And it's a parody, so its protected under trademark infringement :) It's all in good fun anyway. We're not making fun of ATT & BTT, it's all the other TTs.