Hermes wins by Armbar!!

In Total Combat show in San Diego this past Saturday, Hermes takes another fight in the first round. Wins by armbar submission in :58.

The Armory had a great weekend with Hermes winning by armbar and Pellegrino wins his Super Fight over Marcos Avellan



TTT Very nice. Urijah, Hermes, and Kurt all in the same night. Congrats guys

Hermes = on a tear right now.  He's winning everything. 

Congrats Hermes!!!!!!!


Congrats to Hermes!!!
What weight was this fight at? I heard something about the replacement fighter(?) being heavier, but I'm not clear on the details?

Hermes rules!!!

who did he fight?

toby imada

It was a sweet armbar.

Great show overall for Total Combat!
Ratcliffe was awesome. Great women's match. Good matchmaking.

Congratulations, Hermes!

congrats to kurt and hermes!

He also submitted tap you out chick by dickbar later that night! :P

hermes pimps that shit!!!! learn to sport

"He also submitted tap you out chick by dickbar later that night!"


Great Fight...

Good to hear hermes won, I'm a big fan



Hopefully the UFC is smart enough to bring Hermes back soon.

Kurt should be in there as well. He's got a very well rounded game. UFC fans will love him.

Thank you for the support guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!