Feedback I have from Japan was that it was sprawl and brawl 101 from Ian.

A friend of mine in attendance stated that Ian executed a great game against a SUPERBY credentialled wrestler.

Personally I was really scared that MIYATA would have been capable of shutting Ian down and winning a snoozer.

Great to see he won. Hopefully we will see him reach the heights he is capable of at 155lb in Japan.

Once again BIG thanks to Rising promotions for getting him the shot.


Did you friend have naything to say about Sams fight?

Ian hurts me...


the guy is awesome, so happy he won he's also incredibly modest.

Greco won pretty early in the first round, Herring went for a thigh kick,
sam slid back out of the way and it looked like Herring ripped up his
knee, fell over immediately and Sam went for a massive soccer kick.
The fight was stopped. Sam was looking awsome, the guy is a legend,
having evolved from mat fights in Kyokushin to Seido to K1 and now

Well done Ian awesome stuff for all involved.

Watched it last night,..all but Schaffa & Penn's fights. Was pretty good
too. Uno Vs Hansen was great!! Uno was winning hands down till
fatigue hit both guys in the 3rd rnd hard and Hansen just caught him
with a knee by luck. One of the best fights of the year,..easy.

  • Juggs

agree with Juggs, i loved the Uno v Hansen fight and watched it 3 times. Also thought Jerome Lebanner did well and could be a force in MMA in the future.

BJ's fight is now up on some sites, but am still unable to locate Ians fight


The full show is now up "you know where" with Japanese commentary.

I haven't watched it yet, but they list Ian's fight so I guess it's on there.