'He's still being a b*tch about it': Hardy gives EXCLUSIVE update on Woodley fight negotiations

How does hardy think he wins?

The same way a green youtuber does.


Dan Hardy’s biggest fan is Dan Hardy. He literally thinks he’s some living legend that we’re all clamoring for to make a return. When in reality, nobody cares.


How does this dude keep popping back up likes he’s going to fight?

Hardy vs Woodley would finally answer all the questions nobody has ever asked


Whines like a bitch saying someone is being a bitch…ironing
Woodley is on a beach in mexico drinking a corona with his easy milly from the sparring match while Hardy out here acting like a desperate teenager

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Can’t blame hardy for needing money but he needs to take a step back and stop trying to be one of the Paul brothers. Sooo many posers coming out of the woodwork

Can’t believe I just said that


NBD bro

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And I can’t believe I’m going to say this…but I think I would root for Woodley in this fight…can’t stand the fuckin guy but something about Hardy just irks the fuck out of me since he retired.

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Damn dude . Lol

I agree but I would never be the first to express it

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This is one of those fights where you just prey for a double ko