Hey Dana, its LHW GP time

The LHW division is in total upset right now.

Rampage is sitting on a wobbly throne.

GP is the only solution. No one wants to see forrest/rampage or jardine/silva on NYE. Scrap that shit and do the right thing.

the IFL is doing it. It's lame and they're dragging it out but they're still doing it.

Not gonna happen in America, no one would sanction it. Think of the injuries and alternates even if it went overseas, we'd never get a complete conclusion as to a definitive winner.

100% agree

K1 in vegas isn't quite MMA. It can not happen. It would rule though.

I agree Felons especially with the Division being totally Fubared last night - a GP would be fantastic!

ufc lhw gp in mexico city?

grand prix's across the board, ww, hw, theres notone champ thats the belt with more than 2 title-defense titles

owgp in canada?

Wouldnt it be great to see Forrest Griffin win the first ever UFC LHW GP.

There was at least one sanctioned event in Nevada that was a tournament format this year.

IIRC they had to have 3 minute rounds.


Hell they can do it one GP fight per night for all I care, 8 fighters, and give it 3 PPVs.

"No one wants to see forrest/rampage or jardine/silva on NYE."

I do, assface.

^^ Those are some shitty fights. why would you want to see those?

Forrest beat an unprepared Shogun and Jardine beat Liddell but just came off of a loss to Houston Alexander. These guys havent been consistant and are not on Rampage or Wands level.

Forrest beat the #1 LHW in the world. He deserves the shot at Rampage, period. The UFC will put this together because they know a Forrest/Rampage title bout will do huge business. I have no clue how you think this qualifies as a "shitty" fight. I expect a lot of action.

As for Jardine/Silva, I'm fine with it. Again, Jardine fought hard and pulled off the upset, so he deserves to reap the benefits. I don't see why people think Chuck/Silva would be so much better than Silva/Jardine considering Chuck's recent performances.