hey from France!

 Just checking in with the HG family from Southwest France.

Got here yesterday, Air France lost my luggage and then the paln I was to take to Hossegor broke down so they put me and like 7 others in a "prop plane" like WW2 style, needless to say it was a special ride! lol

will check back more later!

did it have machine guns =) lost luggage = really shitty.

 No Machine guns, but the thing should have! lol

Lost luggage is no joke, especialy since it had my brnd new Lucky Gi in it, with all my vitiams and protein powder! :(

But the good news is I just ran into Richardo Arona on the beach at the surf contest and he wants to train this week!

Oh shit, you flew Air France.... now is that "The Concord" Air France or your flew a normal plane?

Eat some pastries, bro. Shit, eat 5 for me. In one sitting, of course.

Man! Losing the luggage sucks!

thats why even though its humbug,
I carry an extra set of clothes in my carry on just in case.

Pics if you can please.

jnaks is correct.

Dont take your clothes pin off your nose it aint worth it imo...

" HEY " isnt that the way ghey people greet others

just sayin france can have that effect on people

parlez-vous sachet?


 So where's the photos of dem French wimminz on the beach topless?


Knowing JJD the only pics we'll get will be of him and Arona in some kind of warm embrace..odds are no gi.

 Mad Tiger knows me so well!! lol

Can't trust any of you idiots to show my preggo wife a pic I put up! ;)

*but the good news is my luggage showed up, thank cod, I was starting to smell like the stinky frogs!