Hey Goldberg!!!

....and so's my johnson!

goldberg needs to stfu with the 'utilize'. try saying 'use' some time, you will sound like less of a douche.

Goldberg sucks balls. Period. I'd rather listen to Larry Merchant...

Goldie was pretty good this UFC. No gaffes, no prattling. Give credit where credit is due.

Joe took a book out of Goldie's chapter, and smoked it.

According to Joe, everyone is at the top of the food chain. Must be getting very crowded there.

"goldberg needs to stfu with the 'utilize'"

that word belongs to the UFC like the cage and Big John though, ever since Joe Son utilized Joe Son Do on the ground...

Goldberg provides quality energy with his commentary, but man does he say stupid shit sometimes.

The word "Meteoric" needs to be outlawed on all future UFC PPVs imo.

He said something about CroCop cracking Gonzagas ribs with a kick just before he got ko'd. It was really retarded sounding.