Hey Keats...

It looks like I'm crossing over to the dark side !
I just spent about 5 hours watching boxing, live.

In my defence, I was being paid to be there :-)

It was great to see Shannon Taylor fight. He looks to be on fire...


PS: That would be a top boxing show, also held on the Gold Coast !!

Not to srir the pot but...........

Why is it in boxing that the goliaths always beat the Davids?

Shannon looked great last night as did MIROVIC v Col. 2 min rounds are awesome for the SHW'S.

I know BUGNER pretty well and he is not joking (for once) re the comeback v Bob. I would actually pay to watch the fight with 2 minute rounds too!


Who would have thought Tank posting a boxing thread ;)
What were you doing to be paid to be there Tank? Your not becoming one of those Time Keeping sluts are you? ;)
Hey if you can find a boxing promoter of late that promotes even fights you will enjoy the boxing i'm sure, just hard to find a card that 99% of the fights don't end in Ko's in the 1st few rounds :(

Shannon was and still is an awsome fighter, used to watch him as a am and then when he 1st turned pro and he was a fighter with the skill and with so much c#$% in him. I hope he gets a another shot at the big time soon as there are fighters out there who are half the fighter he is that have goten more then their fair shots at the titles. Pitty his one big shot was against such a great fighter.

As of Bob, shows the state of our boxing in the Heavyweight division...Our Heavyweight Australian Champ is forced to fight 6x2 min rounds to get a fight. But Justin is right watching Heavys fight 6x2's is action packed. Justin sign them up for a Boxing version or XMT now that would be great to watch, 2 Heavies rolling around the floor punching and trying to choke each other. ;)

As of Aussie Joe, why not, there have been guys almost his age still fighting on the world scene. And besides it will give Bob a different opponent for a change :)

Justin Bugner doing much with fighters or promotions up there these days?

Keats, I was whoring myself to the security company that looked after the show. I'm trying to ingratiate myself to the boss and get into one of the strip clubs he looks after (I love strippers !!)

Time keeping doesn't pay real well, but the seats are good.

It was a pretty good card, not many fighters I knew, but there seemed to be a few local favourites.

I guess I'm not cut out to be a judge either, I got all the decisions wrong...

Justin, were you there ? I didn't see your ugly mug.

Best we don't ruin Keats day and tell him who helped Shannon get his gloves off after the fight ;-)

Also, I was very surprised to see an in ring challenge be made after Bob's fight. Very disrespectful and unprofessional I thought...


"Also, I was very surprised to see an in ring challenge be made after Bob's fight. Very disrespectful and unprofessional I thought... "

Surely you are taking the piss Thomas??

I was at home just landed from abroad.

Keats, AJB is still a key in boxing here. We have him at all media activities and he is close with jamie MEYER too.


Yes, that was me taking a degree of piss with the fact that some in the Aussie MMA scene seem to take the post fight call out as some big nasty personal attack, where as pretty much any other MMA show in the world, as well as boxing, seem to consider it standard fare.

Of course, it's probably just me being bitter because I didn't make it to Ray's show !!

Go Marcio, Go Five Rings Guys !!


Thanks for the info guys. Who did Bob challange?

Tank when they throw their opponent to the ground they lose points not get points for a good takedown, hope this helps in future scoring ;)

Looks like there were a few close fights which is a change. Tank I hope you got the Taylor victory right ;)

Hey Aaron Sean Connell fought and got back on the winners list.

Hey worked all weekend and working tonight, so my weekends really fucked up so give it to me, who took Taylors gloves off? Hope it was someone worthy of cutting tape and unlacing the gloves ;)

The challenge was aimed at some old pommie guy that he's apparently fought in the past. Joe somebody ??


I definately have the Taylor results correct, it was a great fight and the Thai (??) was never in with a chance knocked down in the 1st, again early in the 2nd and then a wicked uppercut that sent his mouthguard up, and him down for the KO !!

As for the un-gloving, that information is T B advised. I'll let Justin tell you...


I'm sure a T B advised person would be worthy of cutting the tape and unlacing the gloves of Taylor ;)

Was T B advised in Taylors corner for the fight?

Hey Tank thats very quick for a Sunday morning...very impressed :)

Don't know if he was in the corner for the whole fight. I assume so, because he was in the ring pretty quick, but I was on the other side of the room.

"Hey Tank thats very quick for a Sunday morning"

That's one of those compliments that has an underlying insult isn't it.

Like "wow, you've really lost some weight" really means "fuck you were fat" etc.



LOL@ Tank.

No I really never thought you were slow ;)

Big Bob must really be running out of opponets to be challanging a 54 year old.

He has fought every Australian Heavyweight about 4 times each. Maybe he needs to challange a few of the heavier MMA fighters to some 4x2 min rounds fights. Would be great to watch.

Has Bugner still got a bit to do with Mark De Mori?
Maybe Bob needs to fight De Mori as he is about the only Heavy he hasn't fought in this country.

Unsure re Bob and mark. mark was training under Les WILSON which was the connection. mark is back in WA now.

BONELLO and TAYLOR are fairly close both cornerred each other recent.


As an interesting side note (and one that I am loath to admit) I was chatting to a guy I used to work with and his father during the Taylor fight. Both are big boxing followers, with the father having had something to do with Aussie Olympic boxing teams at some point in the past.

Both recognised "that MMA fighter from the Mundine fight" and both thought the fight was "unreal"

I hope to get them along to KOTC in Feb for their first full MMA card.


I thought I saw Taylor back stage with Bonello.

Hey Tank was a big deal made of Taylors fight on the night?

Turns out it was for the WBF Super Middleweight Title. Even Though Taylor fought at Middleweight and his opponent fought fought for the PABA Light Welterweight Title 3 months ago. Thats 4 divisions under the Super Middleweight Title. And people wonder why fans don't reconise alot of the World Title fights that go on in some sports. :(

I realise this was a warm up fight for Taylor who is fighting on the 29th Jan against Kassim Ouma for the IBF Junior Middleweight World Title. Well this is what Fox Sports is saying but then other info I have says Ouma is defending his title against Jantuah on this date. Did they say anything about this at all Tank or anyone else there?

I hope this fight happens for Taylor even thought I think he has an uphill battle to beat Ouma. Taylor deserves another shot as his only other shot was against Shane Mosley when he had a record of 36-0 and just came off a win against DLH.

Was a big deal made ? He seemed pretty happy about the win. He was also carrying a belt around a resort bar after the fight, so I guess that was it.

I got the impression though that the real big deal was a win here set him up for a fight in Las Vegas in early '05, which is the real "big time"

I'll admit though Keats, I don't pay nearly as much attention to this stuff as you do.



Thanks for that Tank. Wouldn't of thought Taylor would have thought a title like this was a big deal, maybe since i haven't fought for one I don't know. ;)

Could almost bet if he fights for and wins the IBF belt in Jan the WBF one will be no where to be seen ;)

Hey before someone goes running back to Taylor to say I think his title sucks, I think most the boxing titles suck and can only really see maybe 4 out of the 15 or so being real world title and even then that is way to many. So don't have a beef with Bonello's so called world titles i have a beef with alot of world titles in general. However I do see boxing getiing to be more like forget what the title is called but who you fought to win it. Lennox Lewis had the IBO world title along with the IBF and WBC so I suppose if you beat him and had the IBO title it would bmean something.

Just think the organisations who have world titles need to try to match world class fighters. If Taylors world title fight had of been a weight or even 2 lower it might have been worth a bit more.

Just for interst sake (if anyone is intersted) how many boxing world champs do you count that Australia has had?

Looks like Taylor isn't fight for the IBF world title in Jan. Not sure what happened.

Anyone heard anything else?


Boxing World Champs?

Lionel Rose, Johnny Famechon, Lester Ellis, Barry Michael, Jeff Harding, Jeff Fenech, The Mundine family...........

Can I include Tommy Burns even though he lost???

Off the top of my head ther eis also now Shannon Taylor, Jimmy Thunder (if he counts as an Aussie) Jeff Malcom, Dave Russell, Guy Waters, Rick Thornberry, Craig Trotter, Tony Wehbee, Nedel Hassein, Joe Bugner, Kevin Kelly, Nathan Sting, Darrell Hiles, Ted Cofie,

Also Vic Darchinyan.

All these guys have held a world title at some stage I think Nedal is a double world champ, Thunder is also a double world champ and Lester Ellis is by far our most decorated world champ with % world titles to his name and winning 3 different ones at 3 different weights in a 7 month period.

Problem forgoten someone but will go over my list when i have more time.