Hey Man...there's a WARRIOR




-The Warrior

lol, theres a warrior cut to WAHHHHHHH


Being emotional because of all the training, commitment, etc is fine. Blubbering & whimpering is not acceptable.

Ever notice how really scrappy guys never talk about being "warriors"

that was the funniest ending to the show ever, I wish I could make that an audio visual gif, or my ring tone.

The most emotionally unbalanced group ever.

It was fucking hilarious. My wife was dieing laughing.

LMAO at the irony all the warrior and samurai talk then all the blubbering.Geez.

Wang's not Japanese and he was raised in California, hence all the crying. Should've moved to Lodi apparently.

He barely even threw punches in the second round, you would think someone trying to be a samurai would at least go down swinging.