HFC was awesome!

The show was packed and the fights were awesome! Lots of discussion about that already.

Nice to see lots of other promoters there including Stephan Patry. I had not met him before so that was really nice.

Also, Keith and Dave let me set up a table to sell tickets to KOTC Brawl in the Mall. How cool is that??

Keith also thanked me for helping and allowed me to introduce Tim Hague before the main events.

It's really a pleasure to be able to work with other promoters. Thanks guys!!!

Man nice to these guys give each other the respect they deserve.

They NEED to kill the band though. Seriously anything would be better.

HCF put on an awesome card. It's nice to see the promoters working together. Good for business.

I personally want to thank everyone who ran the event. The pay was great, the experience was great, and the fights were great. I hope to fight for them again.

Now I'm looking forward to my next KOTC fight. Ken should put on a great show as well.

Grasshopper what fighter were you?

Also can you give any details on how you're fight played out.

Deafwoody, I'm Danny Valimaki.

The fight started with a few leg kicks both ways. I went for the shot, he defended. We were clinching in the cage and eventually I got him down. He had half guard that I had a hard time getting out of. He reversed and got my back for a sec. I got my guard back and he stood up and went for the ankle lock. I went for the ankle lock as well but neither of us were getting it. I got up, went to mount, and started punching. I was throwing punched for what seemed like 2 minutes. The ref didn't stop it. After the round was over, the corner stoped the fight. Apparently he had a detatched retna before and lost his vision from an elbow I hit him with.

Chester was tough. No matter how much I hit him, he wouldn't go out. Maybe my arms were too tired.... but he didn't give up. Chester was a gentleman and a pleasure to fight with.

Wow thanks for the play by play.I used to train with Chester and no question about he is one tough hombre as well as a great guy.

Says something about you as well being able to do that much damage.

Good luck in the future and keep the win streak going.

Also get Kirik to get you a green name then you can watch the porn for free.


I agree, the music got really old really fast. WAY WAY WAY too hot inside that tent. But it would have been pretty kick ass if it were like 20 degress outside instead of 29 lol.

good to hear 2 organizations working together! about time!

Card was awesome....very good promotion!Thanks for having us.

I actually found the heat added to the ambiance of the show, although I did drink six litres of water and didn't take a piss. Was was weird for me was to walk into a public place (the casino) where people were allowed to smoke!

There are three threads about this, so not really sure which one to post in... how about this one?

Just wanted to leave some feedback about HCF. As has been said, I thought the matchmaking was overall very good. No boring fights, and no fights where it's just one really crappy, barely-trained guy against some other untrained bar-fighter type. Thank god, because that stuff gets old REALLY fast. Overall, the card was solid.

I really appreciated the production. This may be because I'm a designer by trade, or something, but it was nice to see that the stuff on the screens was clean with great photos of all the guys. No cheesy "I'm gonna pound your ass, fool" type interviews, no crappy, cheesy graphics. So please keep up the good graphics/photos! Screen placement was good too, with the 3 screens. You could always see the action (though there were a few times that the action went to the ground and the screens hadn't come back on yet... hopefully those kinks will be worked out next time).

Nice job on the FREE programmes! At some events, you have to pay. And good idea having an "updated" fight card printed out on a separate piece of paper, to reflect changes (because practically every fight card seems to change).

The band... hmm. I don't know, they could've been a lot worse, but I do think they got really repetitive. It was a good idea, but I don't think it worked out as great as it could have, as far as people enjoying it.

The tent was hot, yes, but what do you expect in a tent, outside, in the summer when it's 30 degrees? Having people to bring you actual beer was nice. And it was nice and cold, so I can't complain. Yay!

The only weird thing was at the end where they did fight of the night, fighter of the night, KO of the night, etc. I thought there was supposed to be a submission of the night award, too? One guy did win by rear naked, but I don't recall this being handed out. Did I miss it?

But, anyway, I've written a ton here. Overall it was great, better than anticipated. Fix a few minor things (the delays, the one really bad ref, the band) and it'll be even better. If the next one has another good card, I would attend, for sure.

I was actually at the Roughrider game the night before and sat outside for four hours, it was amazing. It would be great to be able to take advantage of the Edmonton summer and do some fights outdoors. Logistically it might be a pain, but aesthetically, it would be fantastic.

anyone else get to feel a lil "Randy" when a female posts on this forum or is it just me?

fortunately, The Champ and I share the same name and by "lil" I mean "BIG,BIG".

I write like 300 words of praise and/or constructive criticism about HCF, and all you guys notice is that I'm female? For all you know, maybe I'm lying! Or maybe I'm a tranny. That's hot, right? Hey, it's the internet, you never know!

Remind me next time to come up with a more creative screen name...

actually sheena , I thought your feed back about HFC was a very good post, we don`t get much of that around here.Don't mind me,I was just joking around except for the "BIG,BIG" part.

Hope I didn't offend you.


any rumors for fights on the next Hardcore card Aug 18 in Edmonton?

Photos of this event at www.hayabusafightwear.com in the Media Gallery.