HG newb in the house!!!

I know it says I've been a member for a year, but I am upgrading from lurker status to actual poster.

Anyway my name is Billy and I have been covering mma for the Star Bulletin for about three years now. Got a job there part time when I was 20 while going to UH and it was a little before when Niko knocked out Suda for the belt. We didn't cover it and the boss of the whole paper gave our sports editor grief. Next thing you know, I'm sitting cageside for Tank/Cabbage and had never heard of either guy.

One Tank right hand and I was hooked. Been fighting with the paper on mma coverage ever since, and things must be changing because I will be on the radio show Monday to talk about something new the Star Bulletin has planned to further promote the greatest sport in the world. Hopefully you guys check it out.

btw, FCTV, is it too late to change my user name? It's kind of teh ghey.

welcome, don't let the locals get to ya!

Billy Hoyle in the Muthah Fuggin' House!

Billy = Good People (so be nice Mr. K)

hope billy likes the SEC! ;)



billy not too late mang. shoot me an email at fctv@onzuka.com

27,000 posts??!??!?!

I don't even know what to say.

I don't even know what to say.= single and bored! lol

Yeah but a lot of his posts are just 1 or 2 syllables lol

Oh My!

oh man

oh bruthah!



oh wait, that's 3 syllables never mind

Welcome Billy! I'm glad you are helping to give MMA more press. We can always use good press to further spread the word. I think we all feel that if sports fans just go to an event, they will be hooked as well.

Anything you need from me, feel free.


Between Mark, I, and the rest of the people on the HG, consider yourself set.

"27,000 posts??!??!?!"

jeebus! when did this happen?



*and the list will go on!

welcome billy!! =)

show us your tits!!!


welcome bruthah.