Hi frnds

Hi frnds iam newby to mma

Tits or GTFO Phone Post 3.0


Welcome. How may we help you? Phone Post

Welcome. Do you have any questions for us? Phone Post 3.0

takes a seat Phone Post

Gonna help you out with some UG lingo.

VU - Vague Uterus

VD - Vaginal Dampness

TTT - TapOuts Totally Terrific

Oh and a word of advice it helps if you trane and post like a moran, this place is full of ironing. Phone Post 3.0

One thing to keep in mind is that anything with name in red text is a banned person returning without permission. Tell them to fuck off, because they shouldn't be here.

MJ popcorn gif Phone Post 3.0

Hope you're starting to feel at home. Phone Post