Hioki v Aldo

 Who ya got?

 HUGE fan of both, just want a good competitive scrap.  Hioki will be by far Aldo's toughest fight.  If he could work the fight to the floor, things could get interesting and it's not like Hioki will be lost standing either.

 The best fight at FW, but I honestly believe it's Aldo's fight to lose - on the feet, as competent as Hioki is Aldo's going to be coming with power and technique unlike that which he's used to (Sandro, either Hominick fight), and on the ground I think Aldo's more than skilled enough to avoid the positions Hioki would put him in.

Hioki's wrestling sucks, Aldo's takedown defense is brilliant. And even if he were to get him down, Aldo scrambles well off his back, and has enough competence to avoid anything Hioki would be likely to threaten with.

If Hioki fought incredibly smart and with a gameplan, I could see a competitive decision for Aldo. If he fought like he so OFTEN does, without a gameplan and to his opponent's strengths, he gets finished despite his toughness.


^ this exactly

Aldo. He will stuff the takedowns and slowly pick Hioki apart.

Would like to see Hioki fight Mendes if/when he loses