Hip replacement and grappling after

Had total left done April 1st really want to roll again. Anybody been there done that?

Evel Knieval?

Had a scope done late last April.

I'm getting hip resurfacing done on both hips next month.

The Dr. said I'll be good to go.

Rehab it properly and take your time getting back. I think that's the key.

Good luck, man.

Thanks and good luck to you. I am definitely being conservatively aggressive, if that makes sense. I will know when it's time or not.

I'm a physical therapist and I'm sorry bro but i dont think there is any way that you can do it. You're hip most likely will dislocate. You remember your hip precautions? Well if you simulate those directions of flexion, adduction and either internal rotation or external rotation (depending on your surgical approach)then you are very likely to dislocate. this will be a big problem while trying to roll. there are just too many risks.


 how can you say this without knowing anything about him or his history?

Dude, seek advice from a sports medicine doc and his PT department, not some message board if u are realy serious.


bjm knows because all THR's come with hip precautions that prohibit movement of the hip joint in certain planes because of an increased likelyhood of dislocation. Any PT will say the same thing.

how old r u that you need hip replacement sx?

im a physio also and help these people up post-op - there is alot of pain involved.

i've watched a hip replacement sx and it's pretty traumatic. imo, rolling will be out of question for a while. it will be ok to go back to linear sports like running and cycling, but the angles that grappling puts you in will put you at risk for dislocation.

to go back would require perfect healing (bone, instruments, cement, ligaments, and muscles) and serious rehab.

not impossible, but low %. and is it worth it to you to go through it again (ask yourself after sx) or to be able to walk independently in your old age?

sorry. just being real.

hip replacement and hip resurface are similar, but not the same thing. resurface allows for more activity post procedure. Not sure if grappling would fall into things you should do. If you really want to do it, go for it. Just don't be surprised when it dislocates.

It doesn't dislocate now, so I think it'll be fine.

I just want to Kickbox again. Just sparring of course.

My step-granddad had a hip replaced back in the late 80's and continued on in judo. If I recall correctly he advanced again at least once after the replacement.

resurface retains most of the neck so the joint is stronger than a replacement. glad to hear your able to maintain your lifestyle. which implant did they use?

I'm sorry if I was misleading, I had a scope back in May, and I've done some BJJ since. I was fine.

My resurfacing is in July.

I don't know how it'll effect me. Hopefully, I'll be able to do a Triangle effectively, lol.

ive been putting off surgey for about 10 yrs ..... im waiting as long as possible for technology to advance as much as im willing to wait . i sure do miss running

i know of a judo guy that's had both replaced and is still active. it can be done but probably will never be completely "comfortable".

I had L/hip resurfaced in Jan, and right done in Feb... still rehabbing until the 6 month point, just to be really precautious... def plan on a return to hard training... many triathletes, distance runners, soccer players, etc compete w resurfacing...

An analogy I use is that if a replacement is a false tooth, then resurfacing is like a capped tooth...

that said, I know there is a girl on here that posts under Taekwondo3 who trains w total hip replacements... said she even competed in NAGA... see if you can "ATTN" her in a post...

After resurfacing, you're pretty much fine to do whatever you did before. Total hip replacements are another animal. I had my right hip fully replaced in 2003. I can roll, but have to be extremely careful. It depends on you and the procedure you had done. I've met people wtih THRs that can roll and others that can not. I can, but I've made everyone aware of my situation. It's hard for me to close my guard.

I play golf with a guy who had both hips replaced and has dislocated his three different times playing golf. I have no problems playing golf, so it just depends on the person. You know your body and you also know how much another surgery would suck. Just go slow and make everyone aware until you know your boundries.

Also, make sure you don't come back too soon. I prolonged my recovery at least six months by doing stupid shit because I was more mobile than I had been in a long time and felt great. I seriously didn't feel back to normal until over a year after the surgery. I know the procedures now are less invasive than they were even five years ago, but I'd still go slow.

I had to do it old school with the blood thinners and the foot-long incision, three months on a walker, etc.