Hiroyuki Abe and Megumi Fujii semi

Team Fulinkazan are proud to present Hiroyuki Abe and Megumi Fujii seminar. This will be there first seminar in the UK!!!


Hiroyuki Abe is a Pride Bushido, KOTC, Shooto, MFC, K1 veteran and former team mate of Caol Uno. A highly regarded member of the Japanese MMA community, his club AACC is often visited by established MMA fighters such as Genki Sudo and Josh Barnet to name a few.


Megumi Fujii is arguably the best female fighter in the world, she is the poster girl for the Smack Girl organisation with a perfect MMA record, and she has notable wins over Yumi Matsumoto and the amazing Erica Montoya. After placing 3rd in ADCC this year she received her Brown Belt and is a major driving force for women's MMA in Japan.

The Seminar will be on the 13th November 2005 in Bradford, for more information email info@teamfulinkazan.co.uk or mark_b_spencer@hotmail.com

More info on our site [link=http://www.teamfulinkazan.co.uk/ newwindow]www.teamfulinkazan.co.uk/[/link]


It's only 6 shopping weeks until Xmas, so with that in mind Abe and megumi will be bring over some goodies to buy at the seminar, so when you are drilling and we shout switch, that does not mean get a different partner.... it means go get your credit card ;) ...... Only Joking

We will also be going for some food after at Nandos and there is also talk of going bowling as well.


(Joke borrowed from Sifu-Currie)