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Since Chivalry Bookshelf has had my manuscript for a year now, and hasn't replied to any of my query emails for the better part of that time, I suppose I should probably find somewhere else to submit it to. It's a shame, since Chivalry was initially great to deal with, and seemed very friendly and helpful.So, can anyone recommend any suitable publishers for a book on unarmed combat in ancient Greece and Rome? Whilst some previous works in the field (eg. Poliakoff's Combat Sports In The Ancient World) were done by university presses (Yale in that case), they don't seem especially interested in publishing another book in the field (especially one that focuses more on a martial arts POV rather than a general historical POV).The problem I've had so far with the places I've queried is that they're either interested in ancient history, or martial arts, but not both. It's not exactly a popular market.On the plus side, the thesis I'm currently writing, or the Egypt chapter at least (which is large enough to be submitted as a free-standing thing, I believe), will probably be easier to find a place for - since it's the first work that properly catalogues the Beni Hasan wrestlers, and so should be of scholarly value. As soon as I see my supervisor next (he's been busy of late, since he just got appointed as the director of the Institute of Classical Studies), I'll see if he thinks it might be worth trying our own university press for that one. But I digress...Thanks.


I'll check out Paladin, though I thought they were more into how-to martial arts material (both modern and historical), rather than academic stuff.

I've published with both so I might be able to give some tips.

First, Chivalry is really just Brian Price on his own , and he's spent the last 6 months moving to Texas (or somewhere...!). Even i've had trouble getting info out of him, but he is absurdly busy. What's the ms.? I'll see what I can find out for you...

Re. Paladin, worth writing to them, but they also take thier time in deciding and printing - a lead time of 2 years seems kind of normal in publishing! Greehill might be another option. Or even an ebook...


Thanks, Paul.

The manuscript is entitled "Unarmed Combat In Ancient Greece And Rome" (yeah, not very catchy - I would perhaps ultimately end up making that the subheading, and put something better in front of it), and my name is Ibrahim S. Amin.

I'd like to avoid the ebook direction - simply due to personal prejudice. I'd just feel more satisfied with something that's in paper. I like ebooks as a research tool, but to me there's in general no substitute for a physical book.

I'll look into Greenhill and Paladin.

That title would certainly catch my eye.

Yeah, that title sounds perfectly fine.

Really? If so, that's great - because I was having problems thinking of something decent to put before that. :-)

Go with it, bro!