hobby training in Japan

was hoping someone could provide any info on
any gyms in Japan where one could train that isn't
training to compete. i enjoy mma but i'm nowhere
near a professional or amateur level, i like training
more as a hobby for fun. reading the article at
onthemat and sfuk on training there seemed like
the gyms were more oriented toward preparing
fighters for competition. anyone got any info on
this or any gyms in particular? thanks in advance.

check out the thread below:
Who knows about Yuki Nakai?

If you are a big guy, The Grabaka gym is a good option. Kikuta, Gono and Sasaki train and teach there. You cant find quality fighters of their size in other gyms.

Where are you located in Japan? That might help us point you in the right direction. Also, what kind of experience do you have? There are gyms for all levels in the Kanto (Tokyo, Yokohama, Saitama).

i'm actually applying to the JET and KET programs. training isn't my main priority in listing favored areas to be located, but it's something i was hoping i'd be able to do. i'm trying to be located around urban areas for the JET program just because i've lived in small towns my whole life and wanna try something different. the KET program, if anyone doesn't know, is exactly like JET except locations are only in Kawagoe in Saitama. my experience isn't much, wrestled in high school, grappled with my brother/friends cause they took lessons, just started taking classes at Team Quest bout a couple months ago. and i'm a little guy, bout 150 on a good day. thanks for the responses, and again, any helps appreciated.

If you're going to be in Tokyo, I highly recommend AACC . . . then again, I'm biased :-)

AACC? where in Tokyo is it, and what do they
teach? thanks Gaijin

I trained at AXIS BJJ in Tokyo while I was there on holidays just recently and they're a great bunch of guys. Very welcoming and friendly....even thou I spoke NO japanese!! All weights, ages and sizes were rolling. I recommend it.
- Juggs

AACC is Abe's place. AKA chambers.

does AXIS only do gi? or do they do shooto/vale tudo also?

Abe is no longer at Chambers.

He has dojos in a zillion different places now, with his main one probably being Golds Gym Ohmori.

"Abe is no longer at Chambers."

Whaaaat? He is the founder of the gym. I cant believe. I gotta look it up about the stuff. Whad did he mess up there?

I just went to the Chamber's site.


He seems to be still well in charge of the gym, though. He just put up his diary today.

TTT - for info on AACC.

Where exactly is it?
Any idea on prices? - didnt see any on the web page.
Any posters currently train there?