Hoffman vs Ambriz - Tonight

Hoffman Will be taken on Jimmy Ambriz tonight for the main event Gladiator Challenge.
Good luck to both competators.

Ambriz by TKO

Nope He is not fighting Ambriz,
Dont know his opponents name. From what I was told Ambriz backed out about 2wks ago,,.
He is fighting some bodybuilder guy.."sorry"

JWest- Thanks for the update. I just heard about this on adcombat yesterday. Sorry I couldn't attend today. Good luck to Hof and see him next time. Somebody post a review of the GC.

I think he's fighting Brandon Vera.


Um.... did you just refute your own information 3 minutes after posting it?

That's gotta be a record.

That sucks, I'd have loved to read about the beating that Jimmy would have given him.


so did he fight,who was it and how did it go?

guys... LMFAO at brandon vera being a bodybuilder guy.

he was couture's alternate during couture's wrestling days.

he's a purple, i believe, under lloyd irvin and has been training w/ some bad asses as of late. one thing is for sure, his wrestling and strength are up there.

Brandon is very talented. He could catch Bobby.

How did the fight go?

who won it? ttt for answers!

"I think he's fighting Brandon Vera."

Brandon is not fighting Hoffman tonight, He and Lister are my coaches..and yes Vera would take out Hoffman IMO.. he can catch him and his standup is much better.

Wasn't the event last night -- Tuesday? Brandon was off the card 3 weeks ago, but the posters were already printed.

I think Brandon could beat Hoffman too.Vera would be a figgin monster at 205.

I'm beginning to wonder if this event even went down. Can't beleive there are no results yet, and no one even seems to know who fought in the main event. Anyone know any of the other fights on the card?

Yeah, wtf??

Here are a few results:

Bobby Hoffman def. some kid who trains with Carter Williams (although he did take Hoffman down in the 1st round)

Mac Danzig draw Jason Von Flue

Brian Sleeman draw Dustin Arden

Joe Crilly was decked in the first round by a last min replacement, after a long delay the fight was restarted and Joe was able to come back for the win.

sherdog will have the full results up soon.