holy ear

im no expert but that looks nasty


 He needs to get his left ear amputated

 that was one of the worst cauli ears I ahve ever seen...holy shit

Mike Tyson just got hungry

Holy shit. Someone mentioned he had cauliflower ear but I didn't think it'd be that bad. He had normal ears not too long ago.

ear punch=one bloody fight

looks like someones been training his ground game a bit. can we see a fight with a strategy from thompson!?

Seriously, what the fuck is going on with that ear? LOL

I might not be able to sleep for a while after seeing that. We need a gif of the ref flicking it.

oh dear god Armbarring just called how this will go down!

I love the ear...I want to make it mine

armbarring - watch gets punched in ear. It burst. They call the fight.Good call, dude.

Edit: LOL @ this card, though. Such a piece of shit.

That ear is fucking fallin off...man you gotta drain it before fights.....