Holyfield gets a 30-day sit

The medical suspensions from Triller Fight Club last Saturday in Florida have been revealed and Evander Holyfield only got a 30-day suspension.

In the main event of the card, 58-year-old, Evander Holyfield stepped up on short notice to box Vitor Belfort. It was revealed the fight would be an exhibition which many thought would mean it would be a light sparring match like Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. was. Yet, it was far from that as Belfort blitzed Holyfield and hurt him a few times before dropping him and then getting the first-round TKO victory. Despite him getting beat badly, Holyfield only got a 30-day suspension.

Evander " No Fucks Are Given "

wish it was 30 years


that should be it for Holyfield He had a great career

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30 day suspension doesn’t mean shit.It’s not like he has a fight coming up.

I have no issue with what Vitor did, that old man should never have been in the ring with him, hopefully this puts other geezers on notice not to fuck around for a payday. Or maybe the payday was worth it for Evander.

Normally I would agree, but it’s possible (likely?) that Holyfield has brain damage, in which case he doesn’t have the faculties to make a safe decision. So the analysis is more nuanced than simply saying “well he made a stupid decision to get in the ring.”

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That’s not Vitor’s problem and he is not in a place to diagnose Evander. If Evander is fighting with brain damage for a payday, then the promoters and/or the commission who are in a position to know this should get in trouble. Vitor did his job and did it well.

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Youre supposed to take all the steroids/go for the kill against an almost senior citizen in an exhibition bout?

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Tough place for Vitor to emerge as the true victor. Basically he was in a lose lose situation. What if he carries Evander and Holy lands a wild left hook like when he missed and flew out of the ring.

Gotta get him outta there

Well, fighting the elderly doesn’t always go well for the younger man:

But the way Evander looked on the mitts at the open workout showed how the fight was going to go.

Can he still take a punch though? I don’t want to find out, would rather see him fight guys from his generation

Have to admit, didn’t like Holyfield fighting seeing him before the fight and it turned out how I expected.

But yeah Tyson hasn’t aged the same way and looked decent against Jones. Exhibition or not. I’d actually think Tyson vs Vitor would be a great matchup