Home setup?Do you train at home?

How many of you train at home? I think that it is the best way to go if you can.That being the case, here is what I have to work on at home. So you atlanta guys, if you are interested in coming by, drop me a line!Talk about great house guests. Two of my closest friends in the world, Masters Flavio Behring and Ricardo Murgel, myself(black t shirt) and friends having an impromptu training session that arose after questions at dinner.Ricardo and Flavio again.

As incentive, over Flavio's left shoulder is the wet bar... And through that door and to the left is the wine cellar. To the right bathroom for showering and puking, and a bedroom to crash in after being beaten...

Sweet! I just setup shop at my place too for home training, but no masters at my disposal ;)

LOL! Disposal is how I feel when one of them finishes up with me. Pride goes away!
I've had the privaledge of having Ricardo living with me for several years, and he has literally become part of my family. I met Master Berhing through Master Murgel, and lemme tell ya; there isn't a finer human being in the world. Definitely no one is more committed to the art and the sport than these two.

You married Emen? IF so, with those mats, your wife isn't gonna see ya in a long time! :-)
Congrats on getting set up!
Put a DVD near your training area to add to the training.

Not married yet, but the girlfriend seems to wonder why I need mats at home when I already train at the gym :) LOL, I was planning on putting the VHS/DVD player near the training area also!

BTW, I train under Behring JJ also.

You do?! Where are you at bro?!
Well then, as you know our two teams have merged. Mine being the Union World Team headed up by Ricardo. I would love to get up a good solid network of the Behring schools here and get everyone talking.

I've only ever trained directly under Ricardo, so my exposure to other schools has been limited, and I would like to change that. Gotta say, Flavio is one helluva guy. Truly.

you are so priviledged...and I am so jealous ! LOLOL

Nice setup too ! your home looks better than the Dojo i attend...LOLOL

My instructor is under Sylvio. I think it's Winner-Behring, not sure if that's the same team as yours. Forgve me I am a newbie :) I am based out of Toronto. There are quite a few schools out in Canada affiliated with Sylvio.

Thanks EZ! Thats quite a compliment coming from you!
I put some time into the basement. My wife said "do whatever you want with it." So I did. I got enough mats to do a 32' x 32' feet area. The area you see is only about 20'x 24'. so I have extra.

I put all my training media on the built in shelves you can almost see on the left. The bar on the left has three collages on the wall behind it with literally 30 years worth of gulf score cards that belonged to my father in law. The bar has a tap, fridge, lotza booze for taking away the pain. For the more refined, the wine cellar is through the door and to the left. Bed and shower to the right.

In the room that you cannot see is my dungeon. The ceilings are 15ft. I have a driving net that is "U" shaped, and 8'x9'x8', that I shag golf balls into. A 9ft putting green. A solid workbench to reload my pistol ammo. and a section that has been newly partitioned with padding so that I can add a new power rack, bench and squat boxes.

The sliding glass doors open to a ground level deck that overlooks the woods and the Chattahoochee river.

Unfortunately, the BJJ Masters are not always included in the deal. They are resident guests however while in the country.

Emen, unfortunately bro, we are no longer from the same team. Flavio and the Behring team have parted ways with Sylvio's team. There were some operational differences in which it was deemed a better solution for each team to branch out and operate in the ways that they each deemed fit. That being said, Sylvio is an amazing teacher!! I know that much is true because his dad, who is an even more amazing teacher said so!

You know that you all have an open invite!