HOMELESS Safe Zone: where u wanna put it?

so they're proposing relocating the homeless somewhere other than kapiolani park and other high visibility places. GOOD IDEA

thing is, they wanna relocate them somewhere. question is, WHERE?

What are your HG suggestions frens?

The island of Chuuk is pretty low visibility and away from Kapiolani.

stick em on ford island and fence em all in as payback to the navy for bombing the crap out of the marshall islands and having the micros relocate here....in fact stick them there too, after its all done blow up the bridge and set up a blockade of the island....further more i feel introducing sharks with laser beams attached to their heads ala austin powers that are specially trained to shoot all the new inhabitants based on their keen sense of smell when they enter the water as an extra precaution, put in netting at the mouth of the harbor to make sure the sharks cant get out when they decide they cant stand the taste of homeless/micro flesh;

on a quasi serious note i read an article in popular science magazine that said a group of scientests wanted to create an artificial island made of the various trash and debri that litter the ocean from hawaii to california, utilizing it for agriculture...i say the homeless wouldnt mind the conditions as they are used to housing themselves in trash and can be put to use as farmers....micros can be used for anchors and mortar for the island

park next to the daijingu up pali....lots of room and close by medical and public offices for services! I hear the community there is very welcoming!

isnt there an abandoned fishing village off of Lagoon Drive?

Sgt may have a good idea there. There is Kapaa Quarry which is pretty segregated and has quansit (sp?) huts there already. Castle Med is right down the street on the east side. I would also recommend Makaha by Yokoyama for the west. Out of the way and they can fish and try to sustain themselves.

 Move them into that dilapidated piece o crap named Aloha Stadium. 

junon - isnt there an abandoned fishing village off of Lagoon Drive?

SMASHED and bulldozed last year Fren

meatrokket -  Move them into that dilapidated piece o crap named Aloha Stadium. 

HOLY FUCKEN THUNDERDOME GENIUS!!!!! we just need to put a cover on that rust bucket so the smell of guts, blood, and vomit doesn't escape.


yeah, they can even shower in the locker rooms.

 Introducing Oahu's slums after we install the RAIL system

Oahu's Slums after implementation of the Rail System...

Kilauea. Send them there at the top to convert vog to co2.

KyokushinCatch - huge new state prison & homeless encampment on Kahoolawe

All my "hawaiian rights" activist family and frens on Maui would kill me if they saw this, ^^^^BUT I AGREE 100%!!! LOL

 Cook them and feed them to the hungry. Kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.

There is this section right off Nimitz by where you enter from the freeway going to Waikiki. There are lots of homeless shelters over there on the water and right across from the area where the State Department of Transportation tries to clear the people sleeping under the freeway area. I think that is also where the lady was killed trying to run across the street.

Anyway, it is in town and close to bus stops.

A couple of homeless professionals were saying that if it is built you can bet your butt that people from the mainland would move here just to live there. So don't do it. I don't care about the homeless that came here for the benefits and to live for free. I care about the poor guys who lived here but lost their jobs, then lost their apartment/house and then became homeless.

All the rest can go back to whereever the hell they came from.

How does Kilauea sound? Maybe Pele would be appreciative and stop sending Vog our way.